Friday, May 16, 2014

Another round of pin cushion swap??

pin cushion swap 2014 sm

Who’s up for another round of pin cushion swaps?

Or want to JOIN??

There’s quite a few members who’s done it since last fall and it’s quite addicting and fun to make and send and receive a squishy package in the mail!

Here’s the requirements.

MAKE one pin cushion per month and mail to your assigned person

(I assign the person to you)

Mail out the pin cushion to be received before the end of the month.

Each round is 2 months long, so it’s easy to drop off if you can’t/won’t do it anymore.

Email me pics when the person has received it or when you receive one.



Here’s a highlight from April/May

They are ALL great!!

Look here for more fun pin cushions / inspiration.


Let me know if you want to join/continue the pin cushion swap!

-I’ll email you a few questions to fill out about yourself and address etc.

Internationals welcome too.


cucki said...

Aww it so much fun..
Can you please count me for this June and July round..
Thank you x

Shar said...

I have found a new love! If anyone is think of joining they are really fun to do. And all over the internet! Come join the fun! I'm in, but I already told you that.

Ulla said...

Count me in too.It would be great to participate,

mary said...

This looks like fun, you can count me in M. hughes

mary said...

This looks like fun, you can count me in M. hughes

jackie vernon said...

I would like to join the new swap. Thanks,Jackie

SewMisadventurous said...

I would LOVE to join a swap, but, will I qualify as I'm in the UK?

ochim bos said...

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Laila said...

I' love to paricipate in this swap, so please count me in.