Friday, May 30, 2014

A visit from a Blogger friend

I didn’t tell you yet about my visit from a blogger friend.

Pam from Mama Spark’s World came to Raleigh to visit her Daughter last week.

I think I saw a post about the NC State quilt she had made a while ago, and then we started talking about NC, and that we should meet next time she comes to Raleigh.

Finally it happened! and She came to Pittsboro and saw my room and quilts and fabrics (her stash is bigger than mine! ha ha)

We then went out to lunch and went to see a local store called

French Connection


Outside the store they have lots of these metal lawn ornaments and her daughter has a pet peacock so of course she had to take a picture of this Smile


we got one of the employees to take a picture of us in front of African fabrics.


French Connection is a ‘fun” store, there’s French provincial fabrics on one side of the store, then on the other side are African fabrics and in between are baskets, towels, knick knacks from Africa or France.

I believe the wife is French and her husband is from South Africa, or something like that, maybe it’s the other way around.


Anyways, it was GREAT to meet you PAM and have lunch, next time we’ll go to a REAL quilt store together Winking smile


Melody said...

How fabulous.

Mama Spark said...

It was a great trip and I enjoyed the time we spent together too!! Thanks for all the tips too = )

Shari said...

What fun to meet other bloggers!

Barb said...

HOw fun is that!!!

Michele said...

How terrific. I've been lucky to meet a couple of bloggers in person and can't wait to meet more.