Tuesday, April 29, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday, designing Ahhhh’s


As you know I love Tonya’s Ahhhh’s and EPP is always FUN and portable.

And last week she started another quick sew along with a cool Hexagon design here

So I decided to design it in EQ and color it for her.

Start with a ONE patch layout and select Thousand pyramids


I did width 1.25 and height 1” maybe it’s “wrong” but it looked fine to me and for now I’m just coloring and don’t really care about the accuracy of the triangle, only the “look” of them.

My layout started out 14 x 14

I started coloring somewhere close to the center and built out, and I colored with only solid fabrics.


Then colored the whole thing


Then I decided to add 2 more to get the secondary designs.

it’s now 24 x 26 block


What comes next makes you really go Ahhhh!! Winking smile

Right click and un select outline patches and blocks

(mine didn’t have a border so that doesn’t matter)


and voila!

Now it looks like solid patches!


and a blue version


I sent these to Tonya and she then asked for Diamond shapes for the edges to make it one large hexagon, I ran out of space on the left, but you get the idea.


Want to try this?

The pattern is called DUCK DUCK DUCK and is available here

(these are just the cardboard pieces, you use your own fabrics)

like this version May did.


And Tonya is sponsoring one set as a giveaway!

Just comment below what colors/fabrics you think you’d make this in.

Extra entries if you LIKE hillbilly quilt shop on FB here

and comment below that you did.

I’ll pick a winner NEXT Tuesday the 6th


Nightengale said...

How beautiful...I think of this in violet, aqua and pinks!

Shar said...

I would do them in a olive green and pink. I need to practice this in EQ7.

Tonya Owens said...

:) back at ya!

SewMisadventurous said...

I think I'd pick out the sort of Tumbling Block aspect that you see in the top picture, before any other lines are input, (I love the way the rectangles fade into the distance under the diamonds) and I'd use Pinks, Greens and Whites, not vivid tones but not earthy either. Sort of bright and springy, and I'd HAVE to hand paper piece a block like this, I'm not accomplished enough to try and machine it yet. (I should be wearing L plates)

Raewyn said...

Your posts are always so inspiring!!! I would like to try reds and pinks, with some good contrasts -- maybe..!

Cathy Jones said...

I liked hillbilly quilt shop on FB. I think I would do in the purples or oranges, my favorite colors, not both together, separate. Oranges with fall prints, or purples with spring prints. Decisions, decisions.

Sharon said...

A lot of people liking pink & I am one of them. I think in pinks & browns in either 1800's repro or batiks. I love the one she has on her FB page. Thought I had "liked" her on your last post of Ahhh's, but I guess not. Fixed now.

WhoMom said...

I'd love to see it in purple and gold, but the purple and grey is lovely. Fabulous block.

WhoMom said...

I like Hillbilly Fabrics on FB.

Abbigail said...

I "Like" Hillbilly Fabrics on facebook

Abbigail said...

I don't know what fabrics or colors I would choose. It is so pretty in your colors. I do like fall or primitive colors though.

Katkat said...

I liked the Hillbilly Quilt shop on FB.

Katkat said...

I think I would do the block in primary colors!