Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Block swap??

I’ve been working on blocks for my local quilt guild for BOM’s for next year, I just get one month as my block and the other ladies will vote on which block to use….

anyways, as I was making these blocks to show them I thought of a block swap here?

What do you think?

Here’s my block ideas.

X and + blocks finish at 7 1/2”

I was thinking scrappy bright colors on all of them

2014-04-14 001

a 6 x 7 layout (42 blocks) would be a 45” x 52.5” quilt


Next is a triangle in a square block ( I used the Go! die for this one but you can also FPP or use templates or rulers to cut them out)

6” blocks

matching opposite pairs like this is cute!

2014-04-15 001

a 6 x 7 layout finishes at 36” x 42”


with  1.5” sashing and 4” border it’s 54 x 62


or this one on point is fun too, it’s 60 x 68 also with just 42 of those blocks.


Next are these “squared”" up” blocks- can’t remember if it’s a design I saw online or my original design. anyways, they are 7” finished. and fun in black and white and opposite each other in pairs

2014-04-16 009

a 6 x 7 block layout with border is 47 x 54


Next is the swoon block, it’s 16” so HUGE!

easy with HST’s and flying geese and squares.

I figured here that each person would choose their color combinations, like background is white, middle star and tips are light green, and ‘houses” are purple in this block.

2014-04-16 010

a 3 x 4 layout and border is 53 x 69 or you could also add sashing in between


Next is a spider web block, I did it FPP’ed

block is 9”

again each person would pick their center color and the web color(s)

2014-04-16 011

a 4 x 5 layout is 43 x 52


Lastly I did a mini persian star block that’s 6” where I did a block swap last year and the blocks were 12”

(I won’t be picking this one for a block swap but made the sample for my quilt guild)

2014-04-15 003

so what do you think? want to join a block swap? which block(s)?

let me know


tubakk said...

So many beautiful blocks here. But I think I better drop out of this one. I have to many things to think of at the moment.

TheStylishHome said...

I'm interested!

Laura Stutzman said...

I'd be interested if it could wait till June. May is crazy busy for me. I like the swoon block the best, but also like the squares.

Barbara said...

I would love to participate. I like the x and + blocks in brights or the triangle in square in brights.

Shar said...

I would like to take part. I like the swoon, squares, And spider web.

SewMisadventurous said...

Would even I be able to join in from the UK? or would the postal times rule me out? Let me know B. The only one of these blocks I'd have trouble with is the 'Squared Up' block. I don't have the AccuQuilt Go for cutting out fancy shapes, and it's a block I've never seen before, (Sorry). I'd like the Swoon or the Spider Web stars for the swap if I'm able to join in.