Tuesday, March 18, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday–Winding Ways

The winding ways block and Go! die is an oldie but goodie!
If you search for a Winding ways block or just “winding” in EQ7 you won’t find it, so I created one.
Now I created it because I have the GO! die, so 100% accuracy was not important to me, I just wanted to see fabrics together.
Here’s the die on accuquilt’s site
It’s 8” finished
So let’s try to duplicate it
Start with a new block and make it 8” x 8” and 32 snaps each way
Now look at the accuquilt quilt layout
GO! Winding Ways Pattern - Free (PQ55069i)
Use the ARC tool and draw an ARC from the left 3” mark up to the 3” mark at the top, don’t worry about the curve right now.
Then from the center (4” and 4” mark draw a curve up to the same 3” mark you ended at before
Now click the shape button and click the curved line and it will have the points to adjust now
Grab the point of the dashed line and pull it to the left I had the point touch the 4” grid line
also adjust the curve on the left
Draw another line on the middle left and adjust the curve the same way
Select all 3 lines and copy and paste them
Right click and Rotate and do 90 degrees
You can now repeat it 2 more times or select everything and copy once and rotate 180 degrees
Then color it!
Here’s a traditional layout
a 4 x 4 layout and the colors changed, make a completely different look
same in red/ white and black
I saw this online a while ago, thought it was a neat idea, though they cropped off a lot more of the green, so more like half blocks, I just didn’t bother making 1/4 blocks
More like this one
Now this is different if you highlight the skinny points of the blocks instead
This is a quilt I made for Quilt it today with fabrics from connecting threads
Here’s the post about it

I also used a leftover block for a Modern Mystery Round Robin Here
july 157
Have you used the Go! die for quilts or designed a Winding ways quilt in EQ?
We’d all love to see
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Judy Morin said...

Easier to use Inklingo's Winding Ways set and use the project file for EQ7 that Linda Franz provided.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I love playing in EQ, but never tried to draw up the Winding Ways block. I have made it before though... I had a set of templates. ;-) Have a happy day!

SewCalGal said...

Great tutorial Bea.


Teresa in Music City said...

This is one of my favorite blocks Bea... thanks for sharing how to build it in EQ7. I'm slowly learning how to use this amazing software and really appreciate all your great lessons!

Leah said...

Great tutorial.

I'm off to try it.... I have the Accuquilt dies for it, and agree it is great to be able to draw it up before hand.

Raewyn said...

I really like the way you use EQ7 like this... so useful.Thanks for sharing!