Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CT mystery quilt along


I’ve finished part 1 in time for part 2 to be released today on Connecting Thread’s –notion blog.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.

some of the squares I was able to cut with the GO! cutter

then I realized that the blocks were supposed to be 4 7/8” and not 4 3/4” so those went in the scrap bin! luckily I have plenty of the red fabric, so not a big deal, I think it was only 2 strips of fabric lost.

2014-03-20 007

2014-03-20 008

Here’s all the parts made!

SURE remains a mystery!

some parts had 24 some had 8 or 10, I thought the quilt would have 8 blocks, but throwing the “10” in there doesn’t make sense. we’ll see what it looks like at the end.

2014-03-22 001

I was guessing pinwheel blocks for the large HST’s

2014-03-22 002

I’ll keep an eye out for the blog today for clue 2, guess they are not east coast! and don’t schedule their posts…..

that’s just HARD for someone who’s EAGER!! ha ha


Barb said...

lucky you had more fabric...great going on this mystery!! Will have to go and check it out

Sarah Beth said...

I'm considering the go cutter. Is there much waste

FlyLadyFan said...

Connecting Threads is in Washington State, so Pacific time. Very colorful progress you are making! I'm doing the mystery in 3 different colorways ... gotta get rid of stash!