Thursday, March 27, 2014

A few organizing tips

I’ve been working on a lot of scrappy blocks lately (secret blocks)
And they are sorted by color.
I figured I’d show you what I’ve come up with.
As you may have seen before, I have these nice red study boxes for my scraps, but I only have 6 of them, don’t have room for anymore.
And they are STUFFED!
Many of the boxes double up on colors.
Like this red one also has pink and purple in it.
2014-03-24 001
And the blocks I’ve been working on I didn’t want repeats so I’d toss the “used” fabric scrap into a plastic bag and plop it on top of the box.
2014-03-26 005
Then I got this idea about dividers and the only cardboard I had on hand were shipping boxes, so I cut 11 3/4” squares ( the boxes are 12”) and then in the middle I cut a slit up half way and the same on a 2nd piece and they fit together perfectly!
See how in my “black” bin I have Black, dark brown, light brown and tan.
2014-03-26 006
Ahhhh! all nice and neat now- not pretty but it works!
2014-03-26 007
Now onto quilt tops.
I have hangers with my quilt tops on a wire shelf, now I’ve added a zip loc bag on top so it can store the binding and quilt label.
2014-03-27 0012014-03-27 003
Meanwhile I have a dry erase board with the tops listed.
Name of the quilt, B = binding, I either put a check mark or a number of strips needed for the binding, size of top, batting and backing and R= ready to quilt.
2014-03-27 002


Patchlys-Marina said...

Wow, a very good organisation for your scraps, as well vor your Quilts.
Ha en fin dag!
Greetings from norway!

marilyn said...

how soon can you come over and play with my scraps? I think my biggest problem is the scraps pile up faster than I use them up. I need to dedicate more time to sewing them than making them, or just limit the amount I keep so I'm not so overwhelmed.

Nancy said...

I like the dry erase board idea for the quilts and the storage on hangers. I don't have a place for the hangers, but can come up with something different.
I also did dividers in some of my boxes to separate different types of fabrics and with the cardboard boxes left from a shipment, it is totally free.

Shar said...

You have great ideas. I love your quilt top idea.

Exuberant Color said...

I like your idea of the Ziploc with the binding and label hanging with the quilt top. So many times I misplace the binding fabric.

Petit Design Co. said...

genius ideas! I have some of those canvas bins and never thought of adding dividers. I'm going to go make some now!

krisgray said...

I am definitely going to use that tip about the ziploc bag for binding. Thank you!

M-R Charbonneau said...

Great ideas! Thanks Bea!

Teresa in Music City said...

My goodness - you are organized!!!! I have to always work on keeping myself organized or I just get lost and spin my wheels :*)

Carol said...

I do the bags on hangers and a list like your dry erase board. Mine is on paper though. I like the dry erase idea!

Carol said...

I do the bags on hangers and a list like your dry erase board. Mine is on paper though. I like the dry erase idea!

Michele said...

Those cardboard dividers was a great idea. Now you can get your helper to keep all your scraps organized by color.

Connie said...

Very organized Bea and I really like the idea of the cardboard dividers and also the ziplock that holds the binding and label!