Monday, February 17, 2014

Women of the bible blocks and fabric balls

we did SO much driving around this weekend, that I brought along some pentagons and solid fabric scraps and made these fabric balls!

I made them in such a way and there’s 2 of each color and totally opposite of each other, though the larger one has a lighter side and a darker side, hard to tell from the picture.

2014-02-16 0012014-02-16 002

This week’s Women of the Bible block is Rebekah

I changed the block a bit just to make it easier for FPP and since I’m using solid fabrics for this block anyways, it’s supposed to have diamond shaped pieces but I deleted and added some lines so it printed nicely!

2014-02-17 001

In the women of the bible book that goes with this study, it asked at the end to write a note, blessing card down to your kids.

So here’s what I was thinking today.

Our oldest son is 11, very bright and good in math and science, my logic kid! I’m sure he’ll end up an engineer or maybe something with computers, he loves mindcraft and building things and have always liked legos, so maybe a civil engineer? I hope/know he’ll be a good husband/ father, he’s a very caring and sensitive guy.

Our oldest daughter’s name means Sunny Way in danish- sort of, she’s said for a long time she wants to be a chef but also to have her own business, so “we” came up with the idea of “sunny way cafĂ©” doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? I bet she’ll be good at it, she CAN be bossy but also sweet an caring, she’ll be a great mother, she’s very sweet and caring with Sonja.

Sonja, gosh, that’s hard to tell yet, maybe she’ll be a quilter like me, she’s mommy’s girl right now for sure! She’s good at entertaining herself and go with the flow, it’ll be fun to see what interests her more when she gets older.

2014-02-17 003

Here’s the 5 blocks so far.

2014-02-17 007

I’m also working on a customer’s quilt, feathers on the border!

2014-02-17 008

And Sonja is “sorting” my threads again.

2014-02-17 005

Stay tuned for Tutorial Tuesday tomorrow!


Connie said...

Those balls are really cute Bea! I enjoyed reading about your children, how neat! Sonja is really, really helping with the thread.....I think I see a pile of knots!

Michele said...

The balls turned out great and I like the colors you are using this year for your Bible blocks.