Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday–combining FQs and Go!


Since I’m also doing the Accuquilt Go! challenge this year.

accuquilt go challenge

I was thinking of combining both for this tutorial.

It’s more of just ideas/inspiration I guess.

Before Christmas I bought a FQ bundle on Connecting threads


Called Spring terrace

Another GREAT thing on Connecting thread’s website is on the left side of the bar under the specific fabric bundle is a download tab and you can download the fabrics into EQ- I’ve done a tutorial about this before.


Now ever since I got my Go! cutter and this Mix n Match 12” set I entered them into EQ, just in case I lose the paperwork (not that it’s still on their website) I’ve mentioned this also in the red/white tutorial I did last month!

So I was looking at my shelf of Go! dies and not just the mix n match dies but also to think of them individually.

One die I’ve only used once is the parallelogram!


I figured out that it’s the same as two half HST blocks! (3”)

so THAT makes it EASY to design in EQ

I found the HST under simple blocks


added to sketchbook

I did a layout with 3” block 16 x 11

(Because I laid out a FQ on the die folded up and so far I got 8 of each one and the bundle has 21 fabrics, so 16 wide would be two fabrics and 11 down is because it’s not just HSTs but parallelograms so the extra half of it extends over)

then added the HST blocks by holding CTRL and clicking


now rotate every other one by holding down ALT and using the rotate block button and clicking


Manually go in on every other row and rotate each block into a chevron pattern

The colors don’t matter right now


Now the fun part!

find your CT fabrics and color!


or how about more color coordinated version


same picture but rotated!

finished size is 33” x 48”


another idea is just rectangles (3” x 6”)

I just did 8 of each here but I “think” I can get more out of a FQ


Or how about the wedge die


I think I know WHICH one I was to use for the challenge! just wait and see Winking smile which one are you voting for? I may start cutting already….

Have you designed any chevron quilts in EQ?

Link up!


Connie said...

I like all of them but the wedge is my favorite, that is a beautiful group of fabrics too Bea! I have done a couple small chevron pieces a year or so ago.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

The wedge is lovely!

Cathy Jones said...

I would have to agree the wedge is my favorite.