Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Star Quilt

My quilty friend brought this quilt for me to long arm, it’s a wedding gift.

2014-02-18 002

I showed the preview the other day.

2014-02-17 008

I had fun doing all sort of feathers on this quilt, here on large squares I did a feather inside and the feathers are in a heart shape AND there’s a small heart at the bottom.

Do you see the background fabric BTW? it’s wedding rings Smile

2014-02-18 001

Or other triangles I did a spread out feather with a heart at the top

2014-02-18 004

And the border feathers, I started from the center and out so there’s more hearts there! (should have taken a picture of the corner, nothing special but still.

2014-02-18 005

and more feathers and hearts on smaller squares.

The points of the stars I just did a corner to corner curve.

2014-02-18 006

She LOVED it Winking smile


Connie said...

Your feathers are beautiful Bea! Now I want to do feathers!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Just nicely quilted - great quilt.

Andi said...

Lovely work!

Fran said...

I am just about to make a quilt like this so I love your quilting ideas!

jan said...

I can do feathers going to the right but not to the left! Arrg!lol. Yours look beautiful!
xo jan

Average Quilter said...

Your feathers are great. Awesome job

Michele said...

Very nicely done.