Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blue and White day

I’ve been sewing White and Blue lately- matching the snow right now!!

This is a girl dress for a friend at church, my daughter is invited to her birthday party Saturday.

I embroidered her initial on the front.

2014-02-11 004

This morning I finished the border for this Persian Star quilt!

2014-02-12 001


it started snowing, after a few minutes of snowing I took this picture

2014-02-12 006

And after 1hr of it!

we’re supposed to get 2-4” and then sleet/rain overnight.

Our friends are coming home from Israel tomorrow and I was supposed to get them at the airport but their flight from JFK to here it cancelled- I don’t even know if we could make it to the airport anyways!

Praying it all works out.

2014-02-12 009

The kids went boogie boarding down the driveway a bit, I pulled it really fast and let go. FUN FUN! waiting for Sonja to wake up and do some more!

2014-02-12 008

I’m also finishing up projects for the GO! challenge, stay tuned for Saturday’s post!!


Sue Daurio said...

Love your Persian star. I'm so done with the snow this year. Ready for spring.

Carol said...

My husband in stranded in Atlanta right now:( Just started snowing in Richmond, VA where one of my daughter's lives.

Nancy said...

The Persian Star quilt looks great. Hope all works out for your friends' flight.

Michele said...

Love the quilt! And I'm sure you kids are enjoying the unusual snow fun.