Friday, January 24, 2014

Starting another pin cushion swap

We are finishing up another round of pin cushion swaps.

So I’m opening it up for another round for Feb and March.


Who would like to join?

I have a pin cushion TAB above where you can see the amazing talented pin cushion makers we’ve had in the past!! – truly inspiring!!

Each month you have to send a home made pin cushion to the recipient before the end of each month, so they have it by March 1st and April 1st, if you are non-US then I’d say to try and send it out by the 15th to give it plenty of time.


also take pictures of the pin cushion before it goes out and of course take pictures when you GET your pin cushion and blog about it.

Send me an email too when you send/ receive it and show a blog link if you can.

Who wants to join for the next 2 months??

I know LOTS of you hardly have ANY pin cushions!! so time to make some and exchange them Winking smile

(I am not showing favorites here, just whatever pictures I found first on the computer, I really LOVE them all)


Let me know if you’d like to join and I’ll send you info to fill out/ address, favorite color etc.


DebraKay Neiman said...

I would like to participate in a swap...I don't have a blog though. I live in Oklahoma and have intermediate to good sewing/quilting skills. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com.

barbara woods said...

Are you better?

Nora's human said...

I'd like to participate. I own precisely two pin cushions. Oops.

Sarah Beth said...

I think I would like to participate in the swap.