Tuesday, January 21, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Go! bowtie



Since I’m doing the Accuquilt monthly Challenge this year, I love to try and design quilts in EQ7 first to get ideas.

accuquilt go challenge

One of the new dies in the fall of 2013 were the bow tie die!


The finished block size is 4”- kind of small but GREAT for scraps!!

This is the picture from the Accuquilt site

GO! Bowtie Bonanza Quilt Pattern (PQ10300) - made with the GO! Bowties-4" Finished by Alex Anderson Die (55413)

Let’s try to make our own bow tie layouts, very simple and yet such a FUN block!! with lots of options for setting and turning the blocks and colors!


Go to Libraries/ block library


and search for bow tie


3 blocks come up, add the first one to the sketchbook.

(Even though this is sort of an applique looking block, it doesn’t matter for just playing with layouts and colors, if you needed to write specific pattern directions, then change the block, but just to get ideas, it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t have the + seam like the die does)


Then create a layout with 9 x 11 blocks and make the block size 4” and add the block to all spots by selecting the block, holding down CTRL and clicking in one of the spaces on the quilt layout

This is what it will look like


Here I went in and picked a dark blue fabric, and colored all the tan parts of the original blocks with that color, again by holding CTRL and using the spraycan, then went back and randomly clicked other blue fabrics and colored each block differently, maybe having 5 or so repeats but randomly around by again selecting the spraycan and clicking on each bow tie block


Here I deleted every other block by selecting the ERASE block tool and holding down ALT and clicking on the 2nd block from the top and it deleted every other block.

Then I downloaded a floral fabric bundle FAB file from connecting threads and colored in the squares and bow ties randomly. A nice scrappy look!?

(I have a tutorial on downloading fabrics here)


Or how about having the plain blocks be white?


Here I had every block be the bow tie block but turned every other block once (ALT button) and had the background of the blocks be the same white fabric


Lastly there’s just a 4 colored bow tie quilt


another random one with black in the background


and something different Smile


and lastly an ON point layout



Have you designed any bowtie quilts in EQ?

Link up if you have.


Gene Black said...

I really like the bowtie block but I find a 4 inch bowtie to be a bit small.
You came up with some great layouts for it. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Interesting block. I've made bow tie quilts before, but like Gene said, not that small.

Nancy said...

I so enjoy reading your tutorials. I must make time to explore some more designs in EQ. Your bowtie quilt designs are nice.

Connie said...

You have really showed some neat quilts Bea and you really are good at using EQ7! I'll have to play with it a bit!

patcat said...

I love reading your blogs. I am new at blogs so I am learning as I go. Any suggestions to quilting the bow tie when I finish.