Tuesday, January 7, 2014

EQ Tutorial Tuesday- hunter star quilt


As you may know, I’m doing an Accuquilt GO! Challenge each month in 2014 and I figured I’d show how to design quilts with the hunter star die.

Each section is 6” but finishes at 12” for a star (4 part block)

First if you search for “HUNTER” in EQ blocks

You’ll see these. Add the blue and pink one to the sketchbook, that’s the one that matches the GO! die.


This is what a layout would look like with no colors changed.

(remember to set the block size to 6”)

hunter star

And the same block with ON POINT setting for the quilt, gives a totally different look.

hunter star4

And this is the Accuquilt version.

hunter star2

Here I’ll just play around with different colors to inspire you Smile

Here, the stars are all black! what a difference!!

hunter star3

Here I used the same colors but flipped every other block twice, quite a different look too!

hunter star9hunter star10

How about something scrappy?

one that’s totally scrappy and one with the secondary part of the block being white.

hunter star6hunter star5

A more “planned” layout with white in the background

hunter star8

And one is black and white and grey with ONE 12” section having red!

hunter star7

Now look at how different it is when you color the parts of the blocks differently!

hunter star13

Are you inspired? do you have this die? have you ever designed a hunter star quilt or made a hunter star quilt?

We’d all love to see it!



pamela thorne said...

I bought my mother this die for Christmas. She has cut a scrappy red quilt out and I now have the die to cut one for myself.

Pam near Nashville, TN

Connie said...

Great tutorial Bea and now I really, really want that die!!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I've always wanted to make a Hunter's Star quilt and I've been looking at the die. I kind of blew my budget on all those Christmas bargains, so I'll have to keep it on the wish list for a while! I'm amazed at all the possibilities!

Michele said...

Very cool layouts. I like all the various options. A Hunter's Star is on my bucket list for some day.

Denise :) said...

Don't you love EQ??!?! I love playing around with my ideas in it!! :)