Friday, January 3, 2014

Celtic Solstice top is done

I couldn’t believe it when the reveal happened New Years Even for the Celtic solstice quilt!!

So Jan 1st I started it as soon as I saw the post….

Here’s the blocks all done


After sewing strips together, I hung them on the design wall, LOVE IT!!


And 1st border on. I’ve always done by borders with a straight seam.


Here, the top is done!

Now I did run into a “snag” with the triangle borders, the reveal said 21 and 23 blocks, but then I had 4 left over, then I looked at it and calculated math wise how many it should fit and 7 blocks wide, each 9” would be 21 blocks PLUS the skinny border, so the result is 22 and 24 blocks.

Easy fix.


I chose this blue and black funky striped fabric from Jason Yenter.

I really LIKE it on there.

My husband saw the quilt last night with the first border and thought it was menacing looking and then said he saw a swastika in the pinwheel in the middle and then the dark  circles…..

I don’t know, I still LOVE it!! wish I had a “planned” use for it now.

I’m sure I’ll figure out something Winking smile


Meanwhile, whenever I needed to iron, SOMEONE stole my seat


funny she knows to ten finger type…. also maybe kind of sad that she knows that?!


When she got bored with that she’d try to climb the shelf.


The trick about me moving the bobbin up on another shelf sure didn’t work well! look at this monkey! she figured out how to turn it on too, so I unplugged it.


I DID make her something though, on New Years Eve (day)

I made her this blue dress, it’s a size 2 so it’s long on her, but cute, she tried it on for 5 min then wanted it off, so I didn’t get a chance to take a picture, it’s also too cold to wear it.


Here’s my new 2014 list update 

#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging

#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt

#3 (2012) bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show

#4 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#5 (2013)- roman holiday kit

#6 (Jan 2013) Ahhhh's Need to quilt

#7 (April 2013) – blue/ yellow kaleidoscope blocks, have a few done.

#8 (Sept 2013) farm animal panel – embroidery panel just done

#9 (Oct 2013) Scrappy Chain quilt QAL – blocks done

#10 (Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidery

#11(Dec 2013) Hexie Go! baby boy quilt- sewing on binding

#12 (Dec 2013)Valentine’s GO project- TOP DONE!

#13 (Dec 2013)prayer garden- blocks embroidered need to “paint” blocks

#14 (Nov 2013) Celtic solstice – TOP DONE!

#15 (July 2013) persian star FPP block swap – missing borders

#16 (Jan 2014) – Blue girl Dress DONE!


Diane-crewe said...

wow! that was quick xx it doesnt llook menecing to me it just looks fabulous x

Janet O. said...

I think it looks great. A menacing quilt?

Connie said...

Oh my gosh Sonja can get into anything now and.....I really think she wants to start blogging :)

Your quilt looks beautiful, I did get the 21 and 23 blocks in the border to work was tricky and I hope I didn't do too much stretching to make things fit. I like that you put a bigger border on your quilt!

Quilter Kathy said...

I think it looks fabulous! And Amazing!
Way to go! Now I have to go sew to catch up to you!

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

godt nytår Bea!
Din celtic solstice quilttop er smadderflot, virkelig smuk kant, meget flottere end originalen efter min mening.

Vicki W said...

Your quilt is really pretty!

Liv Aagots Quilteblogg said...

Oh, I really like your quilt and your choice of fabrics and border! Say hello to your sweet little girl from me, I think she will look lovely in the dress! Greetings from Liv Aagot, Norway :)

Heather said...

I am working away on Celtic solstice as well. Such a fun mystery, but I changed the colors and made a slight change in the layout. I can't believe how fast you are with that sweet little girl around!

Melody said...

I love your quilt. It has been wonderfulwatching little Sonja grow. She is so cute

Michele said...

I saw that Connie beat you to the posting part. Heheh. Your quilt turned out great too. said...

I think it turned out fabulous. Isn't amazing how they can reason and problem solve. Finn has figure out how to run my old sewing machine in a cabinet, pull the kneebar down and push and zoom it goes.

Nancy said...

Congratulations for finishing so quickly. It is beautiful. Now I know what it will be when I finish mine.

Tami C said...

I think your Celtic Solstice turned out really nice! It's amazing that you got it finished so fast! Your little one, sure is a cute little monkey!

Mary said...

You are ready for Monday's link-up! Wow that was fast.

jan said...

GORGEOUS!! Wow I really love your quilt. It turned out fabulous. Sweetie Pie is adorable.
xo jan

Sheffield Beehive said...

I had to laugh about the swastika comment because I too have heard that comment about a different quilt pattern. Two active imaginations, maybe? Wonder what the comment will be after I make both of these quilts -- I'm sure my SO will sleep under them regardless of what he thinks they look like!

Debbie said...

Love the colors you used in the Solstice quilt, Bea! It came out great. And, keep the photos coming of cute Sonja. It's really been fun watching her develop. Happy New Year.

Rosa said...

Just stunning!

Denise :) said...

WOW! I love your Celtic Solstice -- your fabric choices were spot on!! The sweet little blue dress reminds me that I need to get on the ball and make a dress for Ellie for her birthday! Yikes -- better hop to it!! :)

Andee said...

I too had to add blocks to get it to work out right, I am glad that I wasn't off by that much..everythign else fell into place pretty good! Your top is beautiful!