Monday, December 9, 2013

I ate too much chocolate

I ate too much chocolate this weekend, waiting for people to come for the open house/ studio tour.

The weather was BAD! so let’s just say I SURE hope next weekend is 100 times better……


I did get some sewing done!

Clue #2 for the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt


all 100 blocks all done


They are fun!


Now I ‘'”wonder” if this would be part of the block layout?? have to wait and see


Remember how I told you that I tied up my Turkey for Thanksgiving with Presencia thread (not floriani) anyways, SOMEONE recommended that I email the company, and I did, and they thought my post was funny and sent me THIS in the mail. two color charts with REAL threads on them, uhhhh! stuff like that excites me Winking smile

A spool of no16 floss, and 2 small spools of sewing thread, can’t wait to try these out


I also wanted to show you my kids advent calendar this year, two minecraft lego sets! I bought the 2 small sets and sat down and separated everything into 24 (48 total) little piles, I DID destroy the manuals, by ripping out one page at a time to keep each step secret and just wrapped the appropriate page with the handful of legos each day.

the kids love it!


And my UNC friend sent me this picture when she walked by FRANK gallery in Chapel hill, my quilt was hanging in there pretty close to the front!

NEAT Smile They are having a reception on Thursday night!

anyone local, come see!!!

(and come see me at home next weekend too!- I’ll demo my long arm again)



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sorry your weekend was bad - we had the same weather misery for our event (3 people all weekend). Love the lego idea, you clever gal.

tubakk said...

All clue#2 blocks finished! I have just two of them finished yet. Ha en fin dag!

withajoyfulheart said...

Sorry your weather was bad. We are getting it today...wind and snow. Felt bad for the little chickadees at the feeders...not sure how the birds manage to huddle and stay warm. Staying in and warm by the fire...hope next weekend is better for your. Oh and get a refill on the chocolate too LOL

Quilter Kathy said...

Great idea for an advent calendar!
And what a nice thread surprise!
Congrats on finishing allllllll those blocks! WOW!

Janet O. said...

Great job on the mystery pieces! Your idea for assembly is stunning!
Sorry about your open house weather. Bummer!
Very clever lego idea!

Judy1522 said...

So sorry the weather didn't cooperate for your weekend open house after all the work you put into it. Great idea with the legos for the advent calendar.

Mary said...

Another guess for the blocks layout. I'm enjoying seeing all of them on Facebook, too. Glad you finished. I'm searching for more Background fabrics before I can finish step 2.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Your colors are just wonderful...and your mockup of the two steps is great.

Sallie B. said...

I love your Lego Advent Calendar idea! What a great way to count down the days. Your children are blessed with a great, creative Mom!

QuiltSue said...

What a great idea for the advent calendar.

I'm sorry your weekend was not as good as you hoped, but at least you had chocolate!

Dayquilt said...

I was wondering which Lego set(s) your kids were getting this year! My son is getting 60012, the Coast Guard truck & boat. My daughter wanted the Lego Friends advent calendar again. Thanks for the idea!

Sheila said...

I'm sorry the weather was so terrible. It was here, too. Your studio is beautiful.
Clue 2 looks great. I'm still working on my blocks.
Good luck this weekend.

Connie said...

Great work on your blocks Bea and how neat to see the peek at your beautiful quilt in the gallery! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

Michele said...

Love the Lego idea. I'm always hunting for things to put in the advent calendars.