Tuesday, December 10, 2013

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday Go! dies


Last week I was sorting my Go! dies and I really want to use them more (just wait and see- hint hint)

anyways, I figured I’d do a tutorial on some of the dies!

First, I bought the mix and match set with my Go! cutter and and then downloaded the patch block idea chart here

( it changed since I downloaded it, so I just did it again)


Now of course I had to enter them into EQ7!!

I actually have a file called accuquilt and have about 50 quilts in there

There’s 72 blocks in the PDF file, here’s just some of them


Instead of reconstructing all of them, just SEARCH for them

Let’s search for Double 2 (#9) on the sheet

go to library/ block library


at the bottom you can search for the name in the notecard


type double X

and these come up


add one to sketchbook

some blocks are not in EQ or some have a different name

like double cross is called broken sash in the Go! file


double four patch is the same


there’s also a block similar to this one called jewel box, it’s not in EQ but it’s easy to add and modify this double four patch block

just add diagonal lines on the large squares



the double cross block I made into a quilt for Quilt it today last year

a cute Thomas the train quilt


I’ll show more GO! dies and designs later Winking smile

have fun

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