Sunday, November 17, 2013

RQG Show 2013- part2

Here’s part 2 of the RQG quilt show

look at this funky quilt!


A simple quilt, nice quilting


I think this is a Bonnie hunter quilt, can’t remember now, this was one that looked a lot different in person vs a small pic like this



A fun alphabet quilt


Now onto the guild challenge, I believe it was GREEN + embellishments + maybe something else


a lovely star quilt, I guess that was also a challenge quilt


Love this brown and black quilt


A fun artsy quilt


a mini quilt


these wreaths are panels but sure looks neat!


and this one was stunning!!


Now this one I was more surprised that it got so many ribbons, it’s nice but maybe it’s all the quilting Smile


A fun idea to turn log cabins into a wreath!


One of the vendors was a long arm company, I like this idea of how she shows her fillers on large mats like this.


and TEMPLATES!! something I don’t do much, but I do want to do more with!


so I bought these, one circle-inside circles! – my husband has cut out some regular circles but those are on the outside, so I’ll see how these work! and a funky shaped one for cross hatching like the bottom blue part of the quilt a few pics above! need to TRY this one



Janet O. said...

More beautiful quilts! Thanks for showing the close-ups of the quilting. That is so helpful as I try to wrap my brain around how to quilt things! : )

Pat from Florida and Michigan said...

Lovely show. Thanks for sharing. I really like the turkey!

I do think the basket must have one in a machine quilting category of some sort.

Fiesta said...

The first quilt with the sun is designed by Susan Powell from glorious applique

Michele said...

Some of those are really great. Thanks for sharing.

Elaine said...

Lover the daily verse on your blog and added it to mine as well. Great pictures the first quilt is my favorite but all were beautiful! said...

Love seeing people's quilts in other regions of the US. Lovely quilts, thanks for the pictures.