Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finishing up the sampler Quilt

the end is near!!!- the end of the quilt Winking smile
Per request, we’re not only making the last two blocks but finishing the whole thing!!
First let’s make the last two block #11 and #12
#11 is the drunkard’s path block
You can either download the templates for the DP block here or use a cool template like this one below Smile
You’ll need 4 of each shape
Once you have all 8 pcs cut out, fold them in half to mark the middle and use a frixion or other marking pen
Now pin starting in the middle and then each outer edge, THEN the middle, when pinning the outer edges, make sure the edges are flush with each other, it’s easy to have one of the fabrics slide and make it uneven- ask me how I know!?
LOTS of pins Smile
This edge pin helps a lot in keeping the edge straight.
now sew 1/4” all the way around
Lay out the block pieces how you want.
Each section is 6 1/2”
And pin together having the solid side on top.
And finish sewing the block together
Much more contrast on the floral one.
Now lastly an applique block!
You can do this flower block
sampler sunbonnet
Or a snowflake
sampler snowflake
Or use your Go! die or WHATEVER you want Smile
I like to use Heat N Bond, you can get a roll at JoAnn’s, A.C. Moore, walmart or amazon
Trace out the design onto the Heat N Bond paper (unless using the Go die)
The snowflake I had to tape two sheets of paper together first.
Rough cut around the design and iron onto the back of a fabric
Then cut out ON the lines
Peel back the paper and center onto the background block
(I forgot to say to cut out a 12 1/2” square of fabric for that)
You can mark the center either with a frixion marker or folding the block in half and “scoring” it by ironing it a bit
If you are using the GO! dies, cut out fabrics big enough to cover the die or shape and iron Heat n bond to the back, then crank it thru the machine Smile
I chose to do 4 flowers on the other block so it took a lot of marking.
I marked Diagonally and I think it was 1 1/2” from the corner- you’ll decide that after laying them out for a visual and then measuring one spot and just matching that on the 3 remaining spots.
In the same way peel back the paper and iron down the shapes!
With the snowflake I did raw edge applique.
stitch a straight running stitch about 1/8” from the edges, pivot with the needle DOWN.
I used a black and white variegated thread.
With the flower blocks I did a satin stitch or button hole stitch, pivoting also when the needle is down but AFTER it goes side to side first.
Here’s the finished blocks
Now it’s time to cut the sashing and borders and binding- you know I like to cut it all at the same time, I often lay it down in little piles and mark with scrap papers. (You should have cut the strips and put them aside a few months ago)
For sashing you’ll need (17) 2 1/2” x 12 1/2”
and (6) 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” corner stones
-IF you don’t want the cornerstones, cut (8) 2 1/2” x 12 1/2” and then (3) 2 1/2” x 40 1/2” – may need to piece those.
My floral quilt has cornerstones, the winter one doesn’t.
For borders you’ll need to piece them.
Inner borders right and left (2) 2 1/2” x 54 1/2”
Top and bottom inner borders (2) 2 1/2” x 44 1/2”
OUTER side borders (2) 4 1/2” x 58 1/2”
OUTER top and bottom borders (2) 4 1/2” x 52 1/2”
If you want to cut the biding strips too, you’ll need (7) 2 1/2” WOF strips- you may get away with 6, but cut 7 just in case Winking smile
First sew the side sashing pieces on and iron toward the sashing
Then sew on the horizontal strips with the cornerstones.
If you are doing a solid strip like I did with the winter one, after sewing one strip on, lay a ruler on the edge of a block and mark the raw edge of the sashing strip or both edges
Then pin the seam right on those lines
You can also sew the binding strips together as a leader and ender project while sewing on the borders.
When I trim long strips for borders, I fold it in half and then measure out 20” then pin and start again and trim.
So for the inner side borders that are 54 1/2”, half of that is 27 1/4”, so I’d measure out 20”, pin, then trim at 7 1/4” after that, I also leave a pin in the folded half way point.
Then pin the half way points and line up the edges and then pin in between.

Sew the borders on, sides first and then top and bottom and the same with the outer border.
Here my little inspector is making sure everything looks good….
She actually found scraps of the floral fabric and walked over and tried to stick it on a block with the exact fabric in it!
and NO you can’t have this inspector Winking smile
Now it’s time to quilt it!
I marked a cross hatch on the inner border, for the blocks they are 3” apart and the corners/sashing I kept them 2”.
Here’s the winter quilt all done!
It’s hard to tell but I quilted feathers on the outer border, the X in boxes on the inner border and sashing, feathers and curves on the strip block
bubble and straight lines on the log cabin
Outline and McTavishing on the appliqued block
curves from corner to corner on both the monkey wrench and nine patch blocks
Straight lines, bubbles and curves on the FPP block
Straight lines and dense meandering on the house block
More straight lines
And curves on the last star block
I made the backing scrappy
On the blue part of the backing you can really see the quilting!
The summer quilt I quilted almost the same way
Notice the scrappy binding!!
The log cabin I added a double feather
On the appliqued block I did dense meandering
Sonja is inspecting it as usual Smile
Also a scrappy backing
Since I didn’t make a sunbonnet sue block, I did this one in the embroidery hoop on my embroidery machine Smile it’s hard to read the text- oh well
I also made the winter quilt label in the hoop, can you guess what I made?
A snowflake!
it was a pain to cut out after the outline stitch, but worth it!
Here’s a quick video I took while it embroidered on my Brother PR620
embroidered snowflake label


Tammy said...

Love the snowflake.

Nancy said...

Great job finishing up. You just amaze me at all you get done. The video says the video you requested is not available, just wanted to let you know.

barbara woods said...

I just want the imspectior

Rhonda Kennedy said...

I have really enjoyed watching these two quilts come together. It always amazes me the look you get just by changing the fabrics. Both are beautiful.

Michele said...

They both look great but now I remember why I didn't join in....lack of time and I don't do curves.

Belinda said...

I enjoyed doing this Bea! Thanks for all your instruction. Here is my finished top. I'll have to wait a little while to quilt it since I have so many Christmas presents to get done. :)