Tuesday, November 12, 2013

farewell to women of the bible quilt blocks


I can’t believe it!

these are the last blocks for the Women of the bible Block of the week!

It’s been a great year – or more than a year!

Thanks to Carol for doing this, and sending out the studies every Sunday.

Some women I never heard about, some I did know.

Some women I really thought about long and hard and others I didn’t think about much and just wanted the block done.

I’ve really enjoyed this study!

I’m not sure if I’ll leave the yahoo group or just hang out and read the studies again or make the blocks again???

(I used fabrics from Connecting threads)

It was a challenge to make some of the blocks and others were easy.


This is Priscilla, one thing that was interesting about this was that her name is always mentioned with her husband Aquila.

Isn’t that fitting that the LAST woman of the bible is WITH her husband and always mentioned together, maybe it’s to show us to stick with our husbands too and not follow the rest of the world around us (or 50%) of it anyways in the US/Europe who end up in a divorce.

I’m not judging here, just something that’s interesting to see with her being the last block!

I used paper templates for this block and sewed it together with a funny crooked line but it went together pretty easy.


There was one more block because having 53 women was an odd number for a quilt layout, so this block is a signature block for the children of Israel.

Not sure yet if I’ll embroider something in there or not.


Here’s the whole pile of blocks done!


The original pattern has the blocks on point and I knew I didn’t want that. Plus I made my block 8” instead of 6”

My original idea was just white sashing

this would measure 66 x 95

women of the bible

Then I played in EQ and added blue cornerstones

women of the bible2

Or how about a layout in columns like this?

this would measure 70 x 84

women of the bible 66 x 83

I looked up bed sizes and quilt sizes here

And it looks like the first two would be close to a Twin or long Twin size.

What do you think?

A, B or C??

Or should I go ALL out and embroider the women’s names on the sashing strips? then I’d make cornerstones on the inner border as well.

They are all 1 1/2” wide. It would take a long time, but may be worth it?


Marjorie said...

I love the WOTB quilt blocks. I followed the bible study a few years ago. Never got the blocks made though, will look at this again, as the blocks are beautiful.

I really like A or B, but particularly B.

Carrie P. said...

congratulations! on finishing all the blocks. I like C

Janet O. said...

Will we get to see your blocks all spread out--we have seen them one at a time? : )
I like the look of C, but I guess it depends on what you want the quilt to fit.

Tammy said...

C.... But what do u really want? I don't think I would embroider all the names.

Barb said...

That will be a lot of embroidering....but would be nice.

barbara woods said...

The bible says marriage between a man and women

Tami C said...

I like the blue cornerstones. It's sure to be a really pretty quilt.

Michele said...

Actually I like the look of A the best, cleaner with all the busy bits of the blocks. I'm sure that whichever you choose will look great.

Anonymous said...

I like B. The blue cornerstones really add something, and I'm sure there could be some symbolism of something there. =)