Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday sewing

I’ve been doing both some Thanksgiving AND Black Friday sewing Smile
First let me show you what I got in the mail on Wednesday from Carol @ funthreads, a winter pin cushion and a mini owl ring pin cushions, both really cute! THANKS
(there’s still time to sign up for my pin cushion swap for Dec/Jan)

The women of the bible quilt is DONE didely DONE!!
I did a pointy meandering on the quilt
Looks great with the scrappy binding!
I started working on the persian star blocks I got from the swap I hosted, 12 blocks in all, but 4 of them were too small!!
So…. I got my thinking cap on and came up with this idea.
8 blocks surrounding an appliqued block
women persian3
TADA! I started already, pieces are ironed down and I’m thinking of trying raw edge applique….
Now onto Cooking time yesterday…..
We have this Ronco Rotisserie oven which is awesome for chicken and turkey, the recipe booklet said it would fit a 15lb turkey, ours was almost 16, so we tucked and pulled and squeezed the turkey together and tied up the legs and wings….
Guess what I used to tie it up with??
I was out of the cotton yarn I had used before, so I went searching for anything cotton…. Presencia embroidery floss!! it was a FANCY bird indeed, but that floss held up nicely Winking smile
3hrs later it looked like this. YUMMY!
My husband also painted our kitchen/family room this week, instead of this terracotta red it’s now a bluish grey- at night it looks greenish.
And the kids and I got up the Christmas tree too!
Back to the Thanksgiving dinner, here’s my goodies.
This morning I woke up and hurried upstairs to start the celtic solstice mystery!
Now I said in my previous post that I didn’t like orange, so I’m changing a few colors around.
Orange = Red
Yellow will remain yellow
Green = Blue
Blue = Black
and white is also white
The block was easy as it was a triangle in a square block that is 3 1/2”, PERFECT for the Go die!!! so I cranked out all 188 sets of these babies with the cutter, and “surprisingly” I didn’t even cut into my stash much, I went thru my scrap bins first.
I cut out 4 blocks and tested them to make sure they were 3 1/2” and they were spot on!
Here the blocks are half way done, time to iron and do the other side
Better get back to it Smile


Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my goodness... you are on overdrive there! Way to go!

Melody said...

Lots of loveliness on show here.

Wendy said...

You have been a busy girl for sure...the pin cushion is so very cute...your dinner goodies looks wonderful and that turkey looks so yummy!

SewCalGal said...
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linynp said...

How do you do it all and so lovely!! Which go die did you use?

Michele said...

Yeah on the finish and I like the new paint color.

Bonnie Pfrimmer said...

Love you blue wall! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Your turkey looks awesome. Can you tell me what dies you used for the triangles? Did you cut out both sides? Thank you.

Lori said...

love the newly painted wall, hubby did a great job. your projects look wonderful, especially your turkey. glad you had a good day.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

A beautiful quilt you have finished and are so ambitious that you are working on another...good for you.

I cracked up laughing when I read how you tied up your turkey....I bet that is the first time that Floriani has been used for such a feat. So glad it worked well...perhaps you should e-mail them and let them know....another marketing area for them.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

LOL!! I know that floss is amazing. I sure wish our leftovers were not all gone! Your post made me hungry!