Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday–review of Quilt Design book


This week I’m reviewing Electric Quilts new book



it’s awesome!!

I learned SO much from this!

Here’s a quick review

Chapter 1 Basic Quilt and Block Design tricks (neat way to do leaves and borders)

Chapter 2 instant blocks and borders -

here it adjust a house block and merged with other blocks to look like barns! clever!!

who's your neighbor eq

Chapter 3 – optical effects

josephs sphere2

And my own versions

josephs sphere3josephs sphere4

Chapter 4 – accuquilt designs

Chapter 5 – award winning layouts

(starting with a quilt LAYOUT from the library it’s super easy to get stunning quilts)

marmalade eq

my own versions with the same blocks from above just different colors and different layouts

marmalade eq2marmalade eq3

Chapter 6 T shirt quilts (where was this when I needed it months ago when making a t shirt quilt for a friend- this way is WAY better)

Chapter 7 – circle quilts

I colored it differently than the book

circle quilt red

Chapter 8 hexagons ( I LOVED this chapter and will play with it more)

Chapter 9 landscape quilts

Chapter 10 Tips and tricks


There’s LOTS more fun in this book

and lots of tips and tricks with each chapter AND at the end of the book too!

Click here to buy it

I think it’s a MUST to any EQ’ers library!

I have ONE extra book to give away.

Comment below and tell me which chapter(s) sounds the most interesting to you!

I’ll pick a winner on the 8th.

US only please. and only for EQ users Smile


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Well, I still can't figure out EQ - but I would love to play with circle quilts.

Mary said...

I'd love to try some circle quilts in EQ. I do use my software regularly, but I know I'm not using more than a fraction of it's capability. Thanks for the giveaway! Looks like a wonderful resource.

QuiltLaughLove said...

Chapter 3 on optical effects really caught my eye and I'd love to take my skills up to the next level. Thanks for the chance to win a book.

JoyceLM said...

I love my EQ7, but I've only used it for basic stuff. Chapter 2 interests me the most right now, because that would be the next step in my EQ training. Thanks for the chance to win.

Elaine said...

I just bought this but haven't done anything with it yet-going to be ;looking at the Tee Shirt quilt chapter first as that is what I need to get done:)

SewCalGal said...

Great review on the new EQ7 book. You definitely shared insights that I had not picked up before on this book, inspiring me to buy a copy. Love seeing your versions too. Look like award winning quilts, in design state.


Pam said...

I agree. This book is wonderful. I used it right away. I got answers to questions on settings.
Enjoy your Tuesday EQ7 tutorials.
Congrats on being in the book.

Lynn B said...

I think I'd be most interested in the Accuquilt section and the optical illusions..
I just love my EQ 7 and am always wanting to know more!

Deonn @ Quiltscapes said...

Those optical effect layouts really strike my fancy! How fun!

Jean said...

Intrigued by the hexagons and the Accuquilt.

Jeanne in Ohio said...

I'd like more on the Accuquilt and hexagon sections, since that's what I'm most interested in right now.

Nancy said...

Thank you for the review. This book looks fantastic. Crossing my fingers that I might win your copy, otherwise, it is going on my Christmas wish list!

Michele said...

Well you know that I recently got my EQ but have yet been able to play with it. I'd love to try this and the award winning quilts chapter is very intriguing.

Deb said...

I would love to have a copy of this new edition to my EQ library. My chapter to go to would be the hexagons and then the t-shirts..

TheStylishHome said...

SOOOOooooooo many chapters I'd want to read. Chapter 3 and Chapter 7 definitely! Thanks for the chance!

Bella Pink said...

I'm totally into the mariner's compass at the moment and you laid out some doozies. I love your tutorials and read them every Tuesday...thanks, arden

lizzieslog said...

I love every chapter. For my pick of one it's landscapes

Judy Morin said...

My favorite chapter will be Chapter 8 Hexagons. As a fan of Linda Franz's Inklingo I have been wanting to design a quilt using her 300 Hexies. Not sure if I will be purchasing it or asking for it for Christmas. (DH and DIL's often ask for suggestions!)

Jeanne said...

I have been designing in EQ for awhile now but there is SOOOO much that I still can't figure out. I would LOVE to have this book!!!!! Every chapter sounds interesting but the chapter on Hexagons sounds like FUN.


Jeanne said...

Would love to have this book!!! Chapter about hexagons sounds like fun!!!


Susan Arnold said...

I'd love to explore the Optical Illusions and Landscape chapters. Sounds like this is a must have book. Thanks for the chance to win!

Kelly Grace said...

I can't wait to get this book, I teach EQ and would love some additional info for teaching! Can't wait to see chapters, 4 (accuquilt), 6 (tshirt quilts) and 8 (hexagons).

Patricia said...

I think the optical illusions chapter would be interesting. I've used EQ for years but I still don't do the more complicated things. I need to do more with it.

Judy said...

I love EQ and this book sounds wonderful! I'm excited about having a chapter on optical effects (illusions). I've never seen anything written recently on how to achieve them. Judy


Martha said...

Chapter 3 Optical Illusions looks like fun!

UcanQuilt2 said...

I would love to have a copy of this new edition to my EQ7 library. My chapter to go to would be the hexagons and then chapter 4 – accuquilt designs.

Sallie said...

Chapter 2 instant blocks and borders because I'm in a round robin and always enjoy seeing different borders! Thanks for the chance!

Marlene @ KISSed Quilts . com said...

Looks great!