Friday, October 4, 2013

Pink all over

I finished another quilt this week.

I seem to get a few quilted, then a few bound etc….

This was a simple one designed in EQ.

(forgot to take a pic of the backing and close ups of the quilting)


Then I got this sewing pattern the other day at walmart, I have been thinking about some way to incorporate my embroidery to make something quick to sell, well this bear took all day! so NOT something quick.

His face got a little lopsided, don’t know if it’s the stuffing or the sewing. oh well


I embroidered Sonja’s name on the front CHEST part before sewing it together



Sonja took the bear for a test run Smile again I think she approved


Sonja has also been helping me SEW, she’ll sit on my lap and either feed me some scrap fabric that she thinks goes in there or take pins out while I’m sewing and putting into the pin cushion.


I also finished this week’s WOB BOW




tubakk said...

A sweet teddy bear and a fantastic quilt. I also put something pink on my blog today. Have a nice weekend!

Teresa in Music City said...

I used to make teddy bears out of fake fur - they take forever!!! But they are darn cute when you're done. Wow - that's been so many years ago I had almost forgotten :*) Sonja looks so cute at the sewing machine - you're raising her right!

Janet O. said...

That is such a cute quilt!
Oh, I can't imagine the time that went into that bear. Would it go faster with more of Sonja's "help"? : )
I like that Salome block. Pretty fabric combination.

Kay said...

The bear is just adorable. I have often thought I would like to make one, but if they take forever it may be a rainy weekend before I get to it.

Janarama said...

Love the teddy bear. It's almost as big as Sonja. LOL She looks like she really loves her new friend. I see a future sewist in your family.

Tami C said...

What a cute teddy bear! She sure seems to like it and likes helping with your sewing. She's starting young! said...

Sonja helping is so cute. The Grandsons sit on my lap when I sew occasionally too. Lovely bear, and apparently Sonja does too.

Michele said...

Of course she would love the bear and it is great that you are getting her addicted at such a young age.

Lori said...

your quilt and bear are too cute. Its pink and its a bear and mom made it so little Sonja is naturally going to love it. Didn't you make it specifically for her? LOL She is such a cutie pie.

Judy1522 said...

The bear is cute and we should all have a helper like Sonja.

Nancy said...

I think that photo of Sonja at the sewing machine is so cute. A little seamstress in training!

Lisa said...

Your bear and the baby are beautiful!