Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just a few recent things

This week’s posts had all been pre-scheduled

So I figured I’d do a post with just misc photos of what we’ve been up to.

At the end of last week, my friend (who quilts!) and I took the kids after school to a new park and played on this playground AND went geo-caching! I haven’t done that in years, and we actually found the 2 in the park, but not one near the school.

Any geo caching quilters out there??

Aug 162

Aug 158

also my little scientist had seen on youtube that if you take a hard boiled egg and put it in vinegar for a week and peel it then, it will bounce like a ball.

Here it is


The vinegar had almost all dissolved the shell so it just peeled off like a layer of skin


was easier to rub off


Then tried to bounce it! FLOP!! it didn’t do it anymore than a regular hard boiled egg would Smile with tongue out


Meanwhile Sonja is getting closer to walking! she can walk holding on to a hand a little or with her walker or the wall.


Over Labor day weekend we had our Singaporean friend stay the night, we had to go to a bible study at night so she showed us how to make spring rolls! they were delicious!! but took 2 hrs to make


Our chef in training too became the master at rolling them together Smile


Of course we had to TEST them before bringing them, also had a yummy dipping sauce


I also did an OZARK ufo challenge and finished 2 fabric balls over the weekend.


I finished this dress for a certain little girl who’ll be visiting later this month.

Hopefully she’ll like it and it will somewhat fit, I made it bigger because summer is almost over so she can wear it next year.



And of course my little trouble maker is still sorting STUFF around my studio.


and getting into my bobbin winder! hmm time to move it up higher?!


I’m working on a girly quilt too, just wait and see Smile


This is the WOB BOW – the syrophoenician woman, who’s daughter was possessed by a demon and Jesus freed her. This block kind of looks wacky so I guess it fits Winking smile


another Persian star done also #6 of 12, so half way there! been thru all the names once now, time to repeat!


Time for some funny pics from online


Julia Child’s kitchen


Here's an update on my CONDENSED 2013 list

#1 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needle turn applique, mommy giraffe almost done – working on this one in the car line at kids schools

#2 pineapple black and blue quilt- TOP DONE ready to quilt

#7 fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt

#8 bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show – ironed down border applique, top stitching slowly

#12- Hidden forest- applique- owl block done!

#15 Christmas tree skirt- top done

#16 hexie flowers- 47 done I think

#17 women of the bible quilt blocks- #43 done- Phoenician woman

#20- roman holiday- kit

#40(Jan) Ahhhh's- #48 done

#44 (April) blue yellow kaleidoscope- 6 blocks done

#48 (May) Sampler Quilt along- blocks 7 and 8 done

#56 Boxes!-  quilting it

#58 (July) persian star FPP block swap – 6 done

#61 (August) Green/grey quilt GenQ- Done!

#62 (August) mini projects for gifts DONE!

#63 (Sep) Shirt- DONE!

#64 (Sep) Baby girl quilt- working on blocks


Needled Mom said...

It looks like it has been a fun and busy week. Those spring rolls look delicious.

It won't be long before you have a walker getting into things higher up.

I'm sorry the egg didn't perform like a super ball for him.

Barb said...

It is so hard to comment on all of the fun things you have going on there. Love your science project, sorry it didn't work.

Love the little ones.

Michele said...

Yum. Spring rolls. Where's my portion. The dress is adorable.

VickiT said...

You've had a busy week, but it looks too like it was a lot of fun.

Yum! I love Spring Rolls. My ex-husband and I worked at the same company years ago and about 90% of the workforce there were Laotian people. Everyone loved the food those women would bring in weekly to share with the entire company. Yes, they would cook and make lunch for everyone. Granted this was a small company, but still, they did not have to do it. One of the things they would make were Spring Rolls. SO good! I never learned how to make them though. I do see from your pictures a secret tip that helps me to understand how they can roll them up so well. Ha. TWO of the dough squares. DUH. WHY did I never think of that. That will probably work too when I make Egg Rolls. Thanks for that picture. Any chance of sharing the recipe too? Please?

Yep, time to move stuff higher or at least unplug it after using it every single time. Those little hands are so fast once they are able to stand. My granddaughter yesterday was like a mini tornado on speed as she's now perfected running, but still not super stable so there are a lot of falls. She was running from my sewing room to the living room and then to the kitchen jabbering loudly and each time she'd hit the living room where Grandpa usually is, she's stop and loudly say "OH NO!" because Grandpa wasn't there. And on one trip through the kitchen she turned fast and plopped down on her butt directly into the crock pot outer shell which had been placed there waiting for the crock to be washed so it could be put away. She had to be rescued but we were too busy laughing as her little butt was stuck and her legs up in the air. She just kept saying OH NO which made it even funnier. I'd love to see your daughter and her together.

Martha said...

Yes, geocacher and quilter!