Friday, September 13, 2013

Having a hoot with pot holders

When I was making the owl pin cushion for this week’s blog hop I decided to also UPDATE my own owl pot holders

they are getting quite worn!


One even lost it’s eyebrows! yikes


Here’s a new pair!!


got these last week btw at a local bakery, yummy!





tubakk said...

Disse gryteklutene er så flotte. Har lenge tenkt på å sy meg et par, men det er alltid noe annet jeg må ha ferdig først. Men en dag.....Tusen takk for inspirasjon, og god helg!

Janet O. said...

Cute pot holders! So Sonja has her very own cupboard? : )

Barb said...

Cute pot holders and little one in the cubboard

Tami C said...

Very cute Bea! I'm doing a pot holder tomorrow with Tonya.

Michele said...

And I guess you didn't want to share any of that bakery goodness?

Lori said...

what an adorable picture. My kiddos used to love to hide in cupboards. It got scary at times because I wouldn't know where they where. Quickly figured out their favorite places. LOL Having children where a highlight of my life, after my husband. I love your owl potholders. Where can I get the pattern. These would be lovely Christmas gifts. Thanks

MooseStash Quilting said...

Love your little hooters! No pun intended! LOL And those baked goods, yummy. Reminds me of my favorite bakery in Alaska. That little one of your is just so darn cute!

Cyn said...

Love your little hooty pot lifters! Too cute.