Wednesday, September 18, 2013

EQ with me book

I’m super excited about this new book from Electric Quilt

EQ with me: Quilt Design

Lesson book for Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) software. This is the book you’ve asked for! EQ experts show how to design circular quilts, hexagon blocks and quilts, landscapes, t-shirt and photo quilts and MORE. Learn Custom Quilt secrets, and how to design for Accuquilt dies or pre-cuts. Each lesson teaches basic skills you’ll use and reuse in designing your own quilts. Perfect for all EQ7 skill levels.



I have a landscape quilt in it!

I’m waiting for my copy in the mail soon, can’t wait to see it.

It looks really NEAT and I bet I’ll learn a lot from it. I learn something NEW from EQ7 every time I play with it.


Chapter 1:

Basic Quilt & Block Design Tricks

Chapter 2:

Creating Instant Blocks & Borders

Chapter 3:

Drawing Layouts for Optical Effects

Chapter 4:

Designing for AccuQuilt Dies & Pre-Cuts

Chapter 5:

Award Winning Layout in Minutes

Chapter 6:

Panel, T-shirt & Photo Quilts

Chapter 7:

Designing Circular Quilts

Chapter 8:

Designing with Hexagons

Chapter 9:

Designing Landscape Quilts

Chapter 10:

Tips & Tricks for Working with EQ7


Pages 128
Size 8½” x 11″
Softcover, spiral binding, full-color content

Contributing Designers

Lesson contributors: Janet Bangs, Judy Best, Jenny Novinsky, Michelle Settle, Jane Turgeon and Barb Vlack.

Design contributors: Linda Broadbent, Dianne Gronfors, Jacquelyn Jacobi, Bea Lee, Janet Spicer Quam, Jean Rhubin, and Liz Waechter.


Connie said...

Congrats Bea!! I read about this new book earlier and it is on my wish list!

Cyn said...

Congrats, Bea! on being published.
This sounds like a great book. Thanks for the nice review.

barbara woods said...

i changed my internet and lost you for a few days. can't lose kinfolks

SewCalGal said...

Thanks for sharing insights on this book. I've enjoyed all of the EQ books and have been wanting to check this one out, but REALLY excited after hearing your insights and that you have a quilt in this book. Super cool. Congratulations!