Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sister Swap package

This summer Michele is/was hosting a SISTER SWAP.

What FUN…. I signed up right away!

I don’t have a sister (or a brother) so I really don’t know anything about how you can just KNOW someone SO well that you can’t tell but buy them something when you are out shopping.

So this was kind of a challenge for me Winking smile


I got my assignment earlier this summer and then had to STALK the person’s blog to figure out what she likes…..

My secret sister was MEGAN

So just from looking at her TABS I knew she liked Dogs and Cats and flowers and recently got into making bags….


So I looked around my fabrics for inspiration

First I found these puppy and paw print FQs I had and made a portfolio.

Gosh I haven’t made those in so long, I used to make a bunch of them for craft shows etc. So it took a little while to figure it all out again

Aug 070

Aug 071

Then to add some flowers I had some strips left over from the embroidered owl quilt I made recently, so I made 4 blocks into a little mug rug/ coaster.

Aug 100

Looks great with a snack on it Smile

Aug 101

I had one block left over and made it into a pin cushion which I filled with walnut shells.

Aug 077

I also tried to make some quilt labels on the embroidery machine

August 037

Since Megan was getting into making bags, I thought I’d send her this pattern too, a pattern I’ve had for a while but never tried.

August 039

Of course some AHHHH’s too and a few FQs (with flowers on them of course)

August 038

and then I looked around for other little things I had.

I found this small basket I had made a long time ago, I use one as a thread basket next to my sewing machine

August 040

Here’s a picture of everything that went into the box.

A little bit of everything Smile

August 036


Laurel said...

that's a great swap package!

Debbie Rogowski said...

This is such a cute package, you can be my sister anytime ;) she will love it!!

Janet O. said...

What a generous and fun package. I'm sure she was pleased!

Needled Mom said...

What a nice swap package that makes.

Nancy said...

What a happy "sister" Megan will be.

Kwilt Krazy said...

Oh boy! I want to be your sister LOL. Very nice!

Diane-crewe said...

what a wonderful parcel.. I sent mine off and heard that the recipient wad DELIGHTED xx hope my parcel is as fun as yours xx

Judy1522 said...

You did a great job. That would be a fun package to receive in the mail.

Michele said...

Wow! That is some great goodies that you sent to Megan. I for one would have been thrilled if you had been my Secret Pal. I hope you had fun with this swap and perhaps I'll host another one sometime in the future.

Tina A said...

What a great package!
I'm sure your secret sister loved it!