Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sampler Quilt along block 5 and 6

It’s been a month already!
time to do another 2 blocks for this quilt along.
The first one we’re doing this monkey wrench block
BUT I’m showing you a few different color combinations
sampler monkey wrench4sampler monkey wrench3sampler monkey wrench2sampler monkey wrench1
So you have to decide HOW you want it to go together Smile

I’ll give cutting directions for the first 2 colored one
the pieces go from A – D from outside and inward.
Read thru before cutting!
For A cut 3 7/8” squares, cut in half  diagonally to make triangles, cut 8 of blue and white (so 4 squares of each)
For B cut 4 1/4” squares, cut diagonally TWICE, cut 8 of blue and white
(so 2 squares of each)- may want to cut these first if cutting a WOF strip.
for C cut 2 3/8” squares, cut diagonally to make triangles, cut 8 of each blue and white ( so 4 squares of each)
for D cut 1 1/2” squares, 8 of each blue and white.
- I was able to cut everything from 1 WOF strip that was 4 1/4” wide and I have about 3” left over from the strip-
If you are doing one with 4 colors you need 4 of each shape A – D

For my bright colored quilt I chose 4 fabrics for the winter one I chose blue and white
July 431
Here’s the pieces cut out
July 432July 436
As always I like to lay out my pieces to visually see what the blocks will look like
July 437
Start sewing from the middle by sewing the 4 patch units, press seams open
July 438
Place the 4 patch in the middle to make sure it’s going in the right direction, you want the colors to swing out in a clockwise motion
July 439
When adding the triangles, I fold one in half and score it with a finger nail and place that right on the middle seam.
Also the triangle fabric always matches what’s on the block on the LEFT side.
(white triangle on top with the white square on the left on the patch behind it)
July 440
I chain piece as much as possible and here I did opposite sides together, so I did all the blocks on ONE side first (used a leader and ender in between) then cut the threads and continued on the opposite side with a new leader and ender left in the machine.
July 441
Press toward new triangle
July 442
Continue around, the 2nd row you match the scoring line with the middle of the dog ears and double check that the bottom point in straight overlapping the four patch
July 443
Cut away the dog ears AFTER sewing the next piece on, IF using a light colored fabric.
July 444
4 units are done
Each measures 6 1/2”
July 451
Now lay these out how you want them in the block
July 454
and sew them together
July 455
2 totally different looks!
July 456July 457
The 2nd block is this pinwheel strip block!
sampler strip block
Take 2 sheets of paper and cut out 7” squares
July 446
Pick 1 fabric for the background, I like to use a large patterned fabric.
Cut out (2) 7” squares as well
July 447
now it’s scrap time!!
July 448
Cut out several strips in different widths and lengths, from 1” wide to max 2” wide ( some pieces just need to be at least 10” long)
July 449
Place one long strip right side UP on a diagonal on one piece of 7” paper and pin in place
July 450
Place another strip on top right sides together and matching raw edge on the right side. sew down 1/4” with a SMALL seam allowance (mine is 1.5)
Iron toward the new fabric
July 453
Keep adding strips in different widths and lengths as long as they are longer than the paper when ironed
July 458
On the corners I like to use scrap triangles from some of the previous blocks
July 459
Blocks are all done
July 462
Flip over and trim block to 7” like the paper
July 463
On the back of the 7” FABRIC draw a line with a frixion pen or erasable chalk pencil down diagonally. I used a directional fabric for one set of blocks so I had the diagonal go the other direction on one of the fabrics
July 464
Have one strip block right side UP and the strips go horizontally from side to side and place the 7” fabric on top with the line going vertically up and down.
sew 1/4” on EACH side of the line again with a small seam allowance
July 465
Cut blocks in half ON the drawn line and remove paper
July 467
Iron toward the single fabric
July 468
Now square off the blocks to be 6 1/2” I have an easy square ruler that’s 6 1/2” so it’s easy, you can also use a revolving cutting mat. line up the diagonal line on the ruler with the seam line and trim
August 002
If using directional fabrics, lay out the block so the pieces are right side up
August 003
Sew blocks together and iron toward the plain piece of fabric
on the back with the last seam I opened up the middle a little and ironed it flat, it’s still bulky but not AS much.
August 004
Block #6 done
August 005August 006
And all 6 blocks so far- looking good and my two are SO different!
August 007
Once you make your 2 blocks, LINK UP! I’ll leave it open for 2 weeks- let me know if that’s not enough Smile


Melody said...

Great tutorial. Thank you.

Belinda said...

Looking forward to this one Bea. :P

Sheila said...

I just finished making them and they are pretty. Thank you.

Sheila said...

A picture of my first 6 blocks are here: