Monday, August 12, 2013

Miss me?

Did you miss me?

I’ve actually been on vacation for a week!

I pre scheduled the posts for Monday-Wednesday and took my laptop with me, so I could answer emails.

I DID bring a few hand sewing projects but didn’t get much done.

So where did we go??

napa 488

Napa, CA

It was awesome!

Friends of ours who have kids the same age as ours and who goes/went to the same school too, got a work contract in S.Fo for 2yrs… They moved there this winter and told us we could come visit!


Here’s the house they are renting and we stayed at, it was RIGHT on the vineyard!

Napa 022


Napa 071

we saw so many things and I took almost 600 pics, I’ll only show a few here Winking smile

Sunday night we got a “date” Night, downtown Napa was a Morimoto restaurant, though we didn’t eat there, but the hostess took a picture of us under his picture.

Napa 081

we went to another restaurant and I had duck and my husband had Salmon.

It was all delicious, but don’t think we’ve ever spent that much $ on a meal for 2 of us….

We did go back to Morimoto and got dessert to go! Just to say we ate there….

Napa 092Napa 093Napa 094

One day we drove down to San Francisco and saw the Golden Gate Bridge

Napa 137greyNapa 184grey

we also went to Haight and Ashbury

What an “interesting” place….

we had ice cream at a Ben & Jerry’s right on that corner


Napa 160

another day we went to the Jelly Belly factory and got a tour

Napa 240

And we went to a train museum and rode a 100 year old wooden train

Napa 277greyNapa 296grey

I took some pics of the grape vines behind the house, the view was just GORGEOUS!

Napa 319

Napa 323grey

the last day we went to a Castle vineyard, one of the few if not the only one that allowed kids and we toured the castle

napa 495grey

napa 507napa 521

And also did wine tasting, the kids tasted grape juice!

napa 552

I did manage to hand sew a little bit

-more about this later-

Napa 262

It was a great trip, but it’s good to be home Winking smile

napa 573grey

(Our friends spoiled us rotten over there and our house sitter/dog sitter cleaned our house too while she was here!)

-now it’s back to reality-


Hilachas said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

Julianne said...

Yay! Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

Carol said...

Looks like a fun trip!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Welcome home! Looks like it was a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

If you did all that and more in a week, you'll need to recover for two! Thank goodness your house sitter cleaned your house for you. =) Sounds like a trip the children will remember for a long time (the older ones, at least) and that was a good memory-building family time. Welcome back!

Susan Arnold said...

Wish I would have known you were in town! I live 30 minutes south of San Francisco--it would have been nice to meet you!

Michele said...

Wow. It looks like it was a really fantastic trip.