Thursday, August 1, 2013

I’m still here

I’m still here just working slower, lots of stuff going on, I can’t show yet, but here’s a few pics Smile

I made another fabric bowl/ basket my son picked red white and blue as the colors.

July 425

Plus he’s been very creative lately too.

We got introduced to a tile board game called carcacone or something like that, so he had to make his own version. First he made it with 36 tiles then he’s made 3 expansion packs! You build up roads and castles or towns and get 9 points for churches basically, so of course I had to help him cut out the cardboard pieces and paper pieces while he colored them and glued them on. He named it Kingdom Chronicals (know it’s spelled wrong)

which is the theme for our VBS this week, Kingdom ChroniclesSmile

July 426July 427

I did finish the Bible BOW- the woman who lived a sinful life.

very cool block!

July 460

Also I’ve closed sign ups for the star block swap, I finished 1 block more


July 461

and lastly a few Sonja pics


She is fascinated with remotes/ controllers anything like that.

july 424

My son gave her his seal – used to be mine when I was a child. I think she likes it!

July 428July 429

And she’s been playing with fabrics too.

July 434

Here's an update on my CONDENSED 2013 list

#1 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needle turn applique, mommy giraffe almost done

#2 pineapple black and blue quilt- TOP DONE ready to quilt

#7 fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt

#8 bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show – ironed down border applique, top stitching slowly

#12- Hidden forest- applique- owl block done!

#15 Christmas tree skirt- top done

#16 hexie flowers- 47 done I think

#17 women of the bible quilt blocks- #40 done- sinful woman 

#20- roman holiday- kit

#40(Jan) Ahhhh's- #41 done

#44 (April) blue yellow kaleidoscope- 6 blocks done

#48 (May) Sampler Quilt along- working on 5 and 6 

#56 Boxes!- top done

#57 (July) – One block wonder Christmas- DONE!

#58 (July) persian star FPP block swap – 2 of 12 done

#59 (July) fabric bowl DONE!

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