Tuesday, August 20, 2013

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday–design around embroidery


It’s Tutorial Tuesday Again!

Yesterday I showed a quilt I made with an embroidered block in the middle and I figured I’d show HOW you design that in EQ7

log cabinborder

First you have to take a picture of your embroidery

And measure it.


Now open up EQ7 and create a new file

My block was 8” (when sewn together into a quilt)

So create a quilt with a 1 x 1 block that’s 8” x 8”


Now we’ll work in BORDERS

Add border that’s BLOCKS and 4” and 2 blocks horizontally and vertically


Keep doing that 2 more time, the next round would add 4 blocks horizontally and vertically

also select the CLONE the selected border each time



The 3rd border would add 6 blocks each direction.

And the last border is a bit different.

Uncheck the ALL box and slide the L/R sliders to “0” so it only adds blocks to top and bottom and add 8 blocks to each


Now go to the LAYER1 tab and go to libraries and fabrics and import.

Find your embroidery file and import it and add to sketchbook


Mine is at the end of the fabrics and it looks white because that’s what the block is on the upper left corner.


Select it and click the center block


You may need to fussy cut the “fabric” to make it look right.


Now find a block your like and fill in the quilt.

I chose a rail fence block.

(Just noticed now that some how I turned all the blocks upside down at the final stage of design)


I also added a border after I had made the quilt

log cabinborder

I decided visually what color border to add

August 011August 009

I decided on a red border with Yellow binding

Aug 062

I just quilted a small meandering all over it but didn’t touch the owls.

Aug 066

here’s the backing

Aug 064

Have you done any quilts with embroidery? and did you design it in EQ?


Gene Black said...

I have made quilts with embroidery and I did design them in EQ. They worked great.

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Sue Daurio said...

I LOVE the owls, those are super sweet!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Your owls are adorable. Thank you for sharing!

InGa said...

love your embroidery, the owls are just too cute.

Beverly said...

Great post, Bea!

kate lewis said...

These embroidery design are really attractive.Good work.

Connie said...

Great tutorial Bea and even though I don't do embroidery, this could be done with a photo too! Thanks for sharing.
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SewCalGal said...

What a great tutorial. Super cute Owl machine embroidery design. Great example of ColorWork too! Love it.