Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin Reveal

It’s the Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin REVEAL DAY!!
(It took me a while to find all these pics from previous months)
Thanks to Michele for HOSTING it!!
I'll be linking up with many others today.

Here’s my starter block. It’s the reverse of one block from the winding ways quilt for Quilt it today.
This is the 2nd month (though it looks like a 3rd border, so maybe I missed something??)
I never have much brown fabrics, so this took a while to find scraps to match (sort of)
I added a 2 railed border and four patch in the corners
The next month I got this one.
It really got me thinking outside the BOX!
March 003
I had recently gotten my embroidery machine, so I got the idea for fish and starfish and got these from EQ Stitch (modified slightly)
Cut out and trimmer they were not 100% flat, but once they were sewn into the quilt, it was fine
Here’s the border, I thought a solid looked nice
Then I got this one the next month
I wanted something to frame it and have it lay flat so I found a nice batik and then solid black strips
AND then I got MINE back!!
How FUN and funky!!
My daughter thought it looked GOTH. lol
june 280
I found some red and white HST blocks
and started auditioning them for the quilt
Did I want triangles on the top and bottom only like flying geese
june 377
Or all the way around?
june 378
Or pinwheel blocks?
june 379
I picked pinwheels on the top and bottom on opposite sides
june 383
I quilted with white thread and just did a simple meandering
july 011
Here’s the binding attached to the front
july 010
And the quilt all done!
july 157
A few close ups
july 158
I used a red dotted fabric for the backing.
july 159
It was a fun Round Robin!
I really enjoy thinking outside the box each month when I’d get a squishy package in the mail and had to think about WHAT to add to it.
(Or how to fix certain things or have it lay flat- sorry)

If Michele hosts another one I’ll jump on board again…..

Let me know too if you worked on mine too  Smile


Diane-crewe said...

it was a fub one to work on xx looks great now its finished xx

Michele said...

It turned out great and Yes I'll be hosting another round robin sometime in the future. You'll have to follow along (I know you already to) to see the announcement.

TheStylishHome said...

I love what you added! It's so amazing to watch them grow, row by row! Aren't the ones that make us stretch and learn something new, or think outside the box the best??! Jealous that you finished yours already!

Carol said...

The final quilt is amazing! Definitely fun and funky....not goth:)

Melody said...

Fabulous work

W Kruskie said...

That seems like alot of fun. I would like to join a round robin if someone hosts again too!

Anonymous said...

Yours was the first one I got, so I can't believe how different it is! It looks great. I can't believe you finished it already too. It is so neat to see what everyone does with them.

{ HeatherK @ AReformedHeath'n } said...

Love the winding ways block with the black and red. I think the pinwheels are to happy to be goth :) What fun!

SpartanBabe said...

This one was fun to work on - I have to admit I am not a big fan of red and black so it was a little tough to figure out what I wanted to do, but I think the border (#2) helped add a bit of spin to the center. I am happy to see someone mimicked that on the outer border and you finished it off awesomely! Great finish and I loved beiong part of your group!

Kimmyj... said...

Fun! I like your daughter's impression of your quilt :)

Anonymous said...

I have participated in round robins and have always been challenged and had fun while doing it. I love how your winding ways quilt turned out!

Samantha said...

Wow! I adore how your's turned out, and I'm not just saying that since I'm partial to black, red and white! What a stunner!

Janet said...

What a great piece you got back! And you've completed it as a quilt!! Fantastic.