Monday, July 15, 2013

lots of hexagons and epp


I have been working a lot on the One Block Wonder the last few days.

I got the blocks done (well each half hexie is just pinned together overlapping a bit, this way I can see what it looks like, but when I sew them together, they go together in rows)

july 182

I wanted to have a neutral on the border

First I picked this off white fabric

July 183

Then this off white with green, I liked the white better

July 184

It’s hard to tell, but the rows are sewn together Smile

July 190

then the same off white border all the way around too to frame it- after I trimmed the uneven edges straight

July 192

And green borders on!

with a skinny white in between.

I also flipped the quilt around, it was close to square

but finished size is 55” x 60”

I have binding strips made now too, just nee backing and then quilt it!

July 197

July 198

I’m still quilting a customer’s king sized civil war quilt, it’s taking a while, as I have to really concentrate with a custom design so I can have Sonja around much.

July 185July 186July 187

Well I TRY to quilt when she is napping but sometimes she’s awake Smile

I had to stop here and took some pics of her, I don’t want to accidentally bump into her while she’s BEHIND the machine.

July 188July 189

While I was working on the OBW quilt I also used this “Boxes” quilt as a leader and ender project, I’ll have a pattern for it soon.

It’s super easy, let me know too if you want to be a pattern tester- I’ll add you to the list.

July 193

and I’ve been working on some AHHHH’s

finished 3 Sunday on the ride to and from church!


July 194


July 195

#43 – don’t know WHAT this one looks like, it’s called Waiting room- I don’t see it at all. I see a Jewish dreidle Smile

July 196

I also prepped 52 1” hexies for a “secret” project.

July 199

AND Last weeks Women of the bible BOW was MARY, this block is the star of Bethlehem.

I thought I could FPP, but I had to EPP it, some of the pieces were a little off but it turned out okay, I love the blue and white combo Smile

July 201

I also got my issue of Mccall’s Quilting – I was not in it, but I saw THIS!!

Someone made a girly version of my Owl quilt – it’s a hootie.


July 200

I saw this on FB the other day and thought of my friend Michele


Here's an update on my CONDENSED 2013 list

#1 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needle turn applique, mommy giraffe almost done

#2 pineapple black and blue quilt- TOP DONE ready to quilt

#7 fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt

#8 bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show – ironed down border applique, top stitching slowly

#12- Hidden forest- applique- owl block done!

#15 Christmas tree skirt- top done

#16 hexie flowers- 47 done I think

#17 women of the bible quilt blocks- #38 done- Mary

#20- roman holiday- kit

#40(Jan) Ahhhh's- #43 done

#44 (April) blue yellow kaleidoscope- 6 blocks done

#48 (May) Sampler Quilt along- blocks 3 and 4 done

#56 Boxes!- blocks done

#57 (July) – One block wonder Christmas- top done

#58 (July ) Hexagon pouch – hexies prepped


Mama Spark said...

You are truly one busy bee!! Love your OBW. Great borders for it too.

Tammy said...

You have got lots acomplised love all those hexi's.

BillieBee (billiemick) said... have been busy. You baby is soooo cute!

Belinda said...

Oh girl, that One Block Wonder is awesome!!

barbara woods said...

I love all the swoon blocks and they do have a lot of names for all the blocks, I have seen churn dash called a lot of things

Beth said...

You are so very productive to have small children at home! Love the one block wonder. Please put me on your pattern tester list. Thanks, Beth in AL

Jan Manley said...

You are just awesome. I love all your projects! The blue and white star is gorgeous!
Your little girl is ADORABLE!!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Love everything! Doesn't it feel so good to get so many fun things done?

Carla said...

What gorgeous hexies. You do beautiful work ; )