Thursday, July 18, 2013

FPP star block swap signup!

I have been wanting to do a block swap for a while now (as I have caught up with my block swap blocks for earlier years)
This one is a bit “hard” well maybe not hard, but it’s foundation paper pieced!
women of the bible pp block swap idea block
The block is 12” when done
I’ll email you a link to the PDF pattern to print out AS IS.
You’ll need to make 12 blocks total and get 12 back.
(one block prints on 4 sheets- I know that’s 48 sheets, but it’s worth it!)

EACH participant picks their color scheme.
The only RULE with the blocks is that the WHITE part shown has to be WHITE KONA COTTON!
For the blocks you’ll need less than 1yd- with sashing less than 2yds.
the rest of the pieces can be scrappy in whatever color combo the recipients want.
(Use quilt store quality fabrics!!)
-pre wash all fabrics too, I always do this way I don't have to think about it

Also take out the papers from the block when done- so remember to use a small seam allowance.
So this block sample is primary colors (and green)
Here’s some ideas to show other color combos
One quilt with NO sashing
women of the bible pp block swap2
Primary colors but with white sashing
women of the bible pp block swap idea5
women of the bible pp block swap idea3
purple and yellows
women of the bible pp block swap idea4
Red white and blacks
women of the bible pp block swap idea6
You’ll have until October 1st to complete the blocks and send them all to ME with a self addressed stamped envelope for your blocks to be returned in. I will then send them out quickly after that and you should have them by mid October if all goes well.

These will be great to work as leaders and enders or in-between projects.

Who wants to join???



Michele said...


Charlene S said...

I just love that block so I am in please.

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love the block. I am in, anxious to sart. I would love to do brown and blue.
Thank you, Grace Miller

SpartanBabe said...

I'm in - I love FPP. I'll even do two if you want/need. :o)

Pat from Florida said...

What a pretty block! How fun!

I have a couple questions before decided to join. Will the foundation paper be removed or attached still when sent? Will the fabrics be quilt shop quality? Will the fabrics be prewashed or not or either?

If the answers are removed, quilt shop quality, and prewashed, I'm in. Otherwise probably not.

I'm not the quilt police or a quilting snob but I've received blocks on other groups where they fell apart when I removed the paper because the seams weren't backstitched or knotted; I am allergic to the chemicals on fabric and always prewash; and I like quality fabric.

Thanks for running this fun swap!

Nancy said...

I think this would be fun. I would like to join.

Patricia Lane said...

Sign me up please! I'd like to do blues and greens....