Tuesday, July 23, 2013

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday–Go cat wall hanging


Since I was recently in Quilt it today with a quilt called Moon glow, using the Go cutter and of course EQ7 to design it, I figured I’d show how I did it.

Here’s the picture from the magazine

Moon Glow

And here’s the EQ pic

cat cranston 13x26e

First You’ll need to download the Go! shapes from accuquilt’s website

I actually did it when EQ had it as a challenge some months ago, but here you get them all – or all shown in part#1 Smile

The cat die is 4 1/2” tall


add it to the sketchbook and

create a new block that’s 5” x 5” (easy draw+patchdraw)

On the applique TAB create a circle, holding down the CTRL button you get a perfect circle instead of an eclipse.


Select it and change the size to 3” x 3”


Move it to the top right of the block  1/4” from the upper and right edges

You can manually do it or change the position to 1.75 on X and 0.25 on Y

save to sketchbook


Now go back to the sketchbook and click the motif tab and your cat should be there, select it and CTRL- C or copy

and then open up your block with the circle again and CTRL- V or paste it in there (again on the applique tab)

move the cat into position how you want it


Now color it on the color tab how you want it and add to sketchbook


If you need to change how the layers are- if you cat is behind the moon, just select the item and send to back or send to front


And then create your wall hanging Smile

I can’t give away all the secrets to the exact borders etc just yet, as it’s still new in the magazine, but you might be able to figure it out by looking at my sketch Winking smile

(and don’t forget to flip the middle block)

cat cranston 13x26e

Here’s the other “rejects” – other color combinations

cat cranston 13x26f

cat cranston 13x26d

cat cranston 13x26b

cat door 13x26

And other layouts with the same blocks


cats blue

Have fun!


Melody said...

Such a cute project. Thank you.

Nancy said...

Thank you for the tutorial. As always, I learn something new from each of your tutorials.