Monday, July 22, 2013

Civil war is over

or rather done Smile

- the civil war quilt, that is!-

It was 105 x 116 – the biggest I’ve ever quilted

It was too big to pin to the design wall, so I asked my 2 guys to help hold it up.

july 238

Here’s the medallion star in the middle, I quilted outlined feathers on the large triangles and SID on them too, most HSTs I did an apple peel curve from corner to corner

july 239

Sonja gave her approval Smile

july 242

On this light blue star I did a filler similar to mctavishing, then the same curves on the triangles

july 243

here the filler was tiny meandering

july 244

On corner blocks the filler was pebbles and large feathers in the triangles

july 245july 246july 247

Here’s a picture of the backing

july 248

Since this was all custom work I had to stop and cut threads a lot! what a birds nest of threads Winking smile

july 226

The bottom thick border was kind of wavy, after I drew points for the hills and valleys for feathers and did the spine it really shows it, but good thing I DID do feathers there…

july 234

As it looks SO much better afterwards! I also outlined these feathers once on the whole quilt.

july 235

I forgot that when I loaded the quilt backing it was crooked so after I rolled it on the roller and then snapped it to the take up bar I had to compensate, so the left side ( you can’t see it) was flush and the right side was 4-6” off.

july 237

But then when I got to the bottom I was almost out of backing, I had 1/2” left, I had to unsnap and un pin everything and pin to the leader and pin the top to that to make it work, it fit! PHEW!!

(also for the first time ever the batting in a bag was NOT the size it read on the bag and I took it for granted and didn’t measure it before I put it on- it was supposed to be 120 x 120 and it was 6-8” short, luckily I had a piece leftover from my easy street quilt- also hobbs and also 120” wide so I used the Heat Press tape and ironed it together)

So note to self- always measure everything on all sides too!

july 236

The customer was happy, so that’s all that matters Smile


Melody said...

Amazing and wonderful and so very beautiful too.

Carol said...

That's a beautiful quilt and your stitching is gorgeous!

Janet O. said...

Boy, that was a close call on the backing! Glad it worked out. Thanks for showing quilting detail. What a wonderful quilt!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

That quilt is HUGE! Can you tell I'm a lap and smaller quilter? Your quilting is gorgeous and I'm glad you overcame your challenges.

Michele said...

Very nice and I'm glad you got through the problems.

Carla said...

You did fabulous! It's gorgeous

Mary said...

I have heard good things about the red snappers. Love the quilting on this quilt. Thanks for showing all the pictures.