Thursday, July 4, 2013

Buzzing away

Tuesday was our neighborhood crafty get together and this time it was here, since I have the kids at home from school. I had to clear/clean my long table and set up 8 chairs, uhhh it looked so NICE (for a few hours)

july 001

I made another small bee pincushion for an online friend

july 002

two pins for antennae's Smile

july 003

Here’s MY bee and the new bee

july 004

I finished quilting and binding the X and plus quilt

Again I goofed and I had the backing about 3” longer TOTALLY one way and that was the way I mounted it and with the red snappers and my usual way of moving the top 1” below those, I ran out of backing about 1/2” before I was done!! bummer! so I had to take it off the frame and add some more.

july 005

I quilted a loopy swirl all over it

july 007

Since I used 1yd of each fabric and the layout was 6x7, I had cut enough fabric out to make 11 of each fabric combination so I had 2 blocks leftover which I seamed into the backing.

july 008


Happy 4th of July everyone!!

(I finally got my new green card, it was supposed to get here in April or May, now I’m good for another 10yrs- soon I’ve been here in the US more than half my life)


Michele said...

The pincushion is really cute and the quilt turned out great. I love the extra blocks on the back.

Barb said...

That bee pincushion is adorable!

Janet O. said...

The pincushion is so fun! I have saved the pattern and want to make one eventually!
How frustrating to run out of the backing SO CLOSE to the edge! The leftover blocks look great centered in the backing.

Carla said...

Darling pincushion! Lovely quilting too on the quilt

Debbie said...

Love the x and + and the backing too - simple and nice!