Monday, June 10, 2013


I was going to say that sometimes I can be SUCH a blonde, but I might get flack for that, well I AM a blonde…..or was… now my hair is more like the color of what the cat leaves behind a rock (my mom always says that)
anyways…… I decided to quilt my “ugly” spring top
and look what happened! the backing is too short!! DOH!!
June 083
I have this white board on the wall and I write the sized of top, batting and backing, well I READ it wrong, that the backing was 60” long and not 57” ( that’s a SQUEAKER anyways….
Get my systems?
Title, B=Binding, check mark or amount of strips needed, SIZE –of top, Batt-Batting, Back-Backing, R- READY to quilt- check mark
June 084
I took the quilt OFF the frame and cut another piece to sew onto the bottom of the backing. And finished quilting it.
It's not so "ugly" anymore :)
June 112
I quilted large (3 segmented leaves-what do you call that?) instead of my loopy almost heart shaped leaves
June 113
Here’s the backing which was sort of scrappy anyways
June 114
After Sonja pulled out my Women of the bible BOWs AGAIN on the floor, I decided to put them up on the wall in order
we’re about 2/3 done!
June 085
June 086June 087June 088
I FINALLY finished Ahhhh #25, that only took a few weeks! ha-
never again…
June 115
I made another Susie Sundress for Sonja in Blue Jason Yenter fabrics
I have enough fabric to make a matching one for Solveig
the kids felt like posing and asked me to take a picture!
of course!! such happy kids!! I am very Blessed Smile
June 118
They picked this double squash from the garden over the weekend and we had squash pizza!
June 092
Now onto a more serious note….
June 077
the other day my husband was feeding Peanut outside and walked up to him asking if the food was good and Peanut raised his head and BONKED him, my husband got pushed back and was startled then realized his chin was bleeding! he was shocked! Peanut is usually such a mellow dog, but we fear we can’t take the chance with him anymore around the kids especially around Sonja who’s usually crawling all over him! he DID bark at her a few months ago when she crawled over and messed with his toes and she got scared and cried.. but other than that he wouldn’t hurt a fly!
we are so torn though, but feel we need to get rid of him.
A local kennel who took care of him 2 yrs ago when we went to disney, she just LOVED peanut! and said she’d take him in anytime (back them) we talked to her friday and she said he needs to be up to date on shots and meds for his ears etc. So he’s at the vet this morning! she may keep him or place him with another family.
It’s tough, the kids love him! and a bullmastiff is a great family dog.


Teresa in Music City said...

Oh Bea! I'm so sorry about your family dog - they are so much a part of the family!!! But unfortunately they are animals and you just can't take chances with your children :( They are beautiful kids, and look as though they like each other LOL!!!

Your "ugly" quilt is not ugly at all! And I love how your BOW's are looking - great color movement!

Janet O. said...

As I was coming to the comment form I had in mind what I wanted to say. Then I read Teresa's comment, and she basically said it, so "ditto". : )

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I am sure we've all been there!! It turned out lovely

Debbie Rogowski said...

I wasn't going to jump over here to post thinking that you would have been swamped with posts about Peanut. It's so sad that you have to find him a new home but you DO have to do what is right for your family. We adopted a very large dog almost 3 years ago. He has lots of emotional problems, he is scared of everything but is a big protector too. He is a handful when others are here but is a baby with all the grandkids and a very tiny granddog that is visiting now. We love him and cater to his emotional problems. You WILL find a good home for him, there are others that will also love him and he will fit in nicely, so be strong it will be ok. :)

Janarama said...

Sounds like your husband got too close to Peanut while he was eating. Peanut probably thought your husband was going to take some of his food. Peanut was being protective of his meal. I've heard time and time again, never bother or get close to an animal while he is eating ... no matter how well you know the animal.

I do, however, understand your position. Family always needs to feel safe. Peanut will find another family who will love him as much as your family does.

Sonja looks so proud in her new blue dress ... it matches her eyes. Love the picture of your three children together.

Kathy said...

Your BOW blocks look great together!. Love Sonja's dress and sorry to hear about Peanut but agree it is wise to protect the family especially those who are too small to protect themselves.

Michele said...

Glad you found a solution to the short backing. The finished quilt looks great. I'm really impressed with the Bible blocks. I'm sure the decision about Peanut wasn't easy but you have to do what is best for the family.

Carla said...

I love the Women of the Bible blocks.
I don't think the "ugly" quilt is all that ugly. I mean if it needs a home I'd be glad to take it off your hands.
So sorry about Peanut. That's a hard decision to make but our kids come first.
Have an awesome day!