Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ahhhh and X and +

I got a shipment of more Ahhhh’s lately and they quickly got prepped and I’ve made a few already

this is #33

june 296

#34 (just ducky- so I HAD to make it yellow)

june 297


june 298

I really like how the fabrics created this “star” in the middle

june 299


june 300

And I finished my X and + blocks

I had picked 2 blue and 2 green fabrics, the blues were a POOH fabric and the other had bugs all over it, the light green was one with blue stars and one with raindrops (why green raindrops?)

june 301

I lined up the blocks on the wall before sewing them together

june 303

Even though there is not that much contrast in this, I really LIKE it!

I only used 1yd of each fabric!!

and I think I know who’s getting this one Smile

june 304


I also finished this week’s bible BOW

“Gomer” the last woman of the old Testament.

june 302

I also gave this spiderweb quilt away this weekend at a baby shower


Uh oh! I think I have this too!!


I want to add- “and did you sewing machine break?”



Carla said...

Funny little comic : ) your hexies are looking great!

Janet O. said...

So much going on at your place, Bea!
Can't believe how quickly your x/+ quilt went together. Very cute!

Michele said...

It looks like you are in a blue, green and yellow mood lately.