Thursday, June 20, 2013

A few things

I made another tissue holder in left over fabrics from my daughter’s dresses. I LOVE this pattern!!

june 257

Sonja was taking Bass playing lessons from daddy the other day!

june 261

and Sonja was teaching big sister how to play with the fabric scraps!

june 264june 268june 269

Here’s this week’s Women of the bible BOW


A tricky block to make, since the woman wanted LOVE I was trying to pick the closest I had to red- orange…. the block is FPP’d

june 270

I also finished the OWL for hidden forest.

someone asked on my other post about how I did the applique.

I’m doing needle turn applique with ricky tims stable stuff inside and then sewing with invisible thread! (big slippery mistake- so HARD to thread the needle) but it looks good when it’s done.

If you comment, make sure you have a way to reply, this was posted by a no reply blogger. I know blogger and google+ has been weird about it and often people that were good are now NO reply bloggers, so check your setting!

june 271

Our Squash is coming in, in full force too. 2lbs 10oz! my kids could use it as a baseball bat!!

june 279

And guess what this is the beginning of??

it’s on my list!

june 281


Okay I’ll show you.

X and + quilt

in 4 boy colors…. should be fun!

I did more of a “planned” layout instead of the scrappy ones I’ve seen online.

x and plus green blue 4 colors


Teresa in Music City said...

Wow - that BOW block is amazing! I love the circle look to it! It looks like it would be tricky for sure, but with that great wow factor it's worth it. Is the pattern online somewhere?

Great minds sure do think alike - I'm planning to start and "X and +" quilt here soon too! I just can't resist :*)

The pictures of your girls look like they are having so much fun!

Rosa said...

Fun pics and beautiful blog!

Mama Spark said...

I really like the X and + quilt. Totally my colors!! Your girls are adorable!

Janet O. said...

Nice that Sonja is willing to share her hard earned skills with big sis--who probably knew how to do that once, but has forgotten. : )
Beautiful Bible block--as Teresa said, it does have a WOW factor!
I like the color scheme you have chosen--very cool and soothing, which I think will look great for such a busy pattern.

Sheila said...

What a FUN post! Loved it.
Beautiful quilt.

Wendy Kruskie said...

Tissue holder is too cute, I need to try that one and like your squash. I just harvested green beans today yahoo!

Melody said...

Gorgeous sewing and lovely to see your beautiful girls.

Bella Pink said...

Bea....thanks for responding so quickly to my question about the applique Hidden Forest project. I thought my identity was obvious with my Blogger account....hmmmmmm...thanks again, arden