Monday, May 27, 2013

Pineapple blocks are done

I’m finally done with the pineapple blocks!

They look awesome.

Yesterday I sewed two and two together and most of them were OFF, grr…. don’t you just hate when that happens? time to rip out and re do them.


I also bought a girl dress pattern from Naptime crafter

this cute susie sun dress

and the fabrics are from our singaporean friend Gwen- her mom bought me some yardage I think 2yrs ago and I kept it for something special, like a quilt, but then thought that I might as well use it for a dress for Sonja and maybe Solveig too- I actually made a super simple skirt for me too- MAY take a picture of that later, depends how it looks one me Smile

And of course I’ll take more pics of my little model in her dress too.


Friday after school, the kids were begging for ice cream, I’ve drilled into their heads that for $3 I can buy 3 cones and McDonalds or get a whole tub at food lion for the same price, so we went to food lion! we also got a watermelon, then when my husband got home from work he had gone to costco and he ALSO got a watermelon!

and saturday his parents visited and guess what they brought!?

a water melon!!

good thing we all love them and eat them pretty fast, there’s one left now and we’re having a neighborhood picnic this afternoon so might bring some there.

Sonja had watermelon INDOORS and OUTDOORS Smile


I snapped a pic of Peanut too- I know it’s been a while


Don’t know if I showed this one before.


found this on Bonnie’s FB page- isn’t this SO true?



Teresa in Music City said...

Ooooooooo - you KNOW I'm loving that blue and white pineapple quilt!!! What is the pattern? It's absolutely gorgeous! And speaking of gorgeous - Sonja is getting cuter and cuter every day - what a sweetie pie in that summer hat!

Debbie said...

Your pineapple blocks look great up on the wall, Bea! Looking forward to seeing it put together.

Chris S said...

She sure is growing, and cute as ever!!

Grit said...

Wow, this looks fantastic.

And your baby is so lovely.
Greetings From Germany, Grit

Sheila said...

I know what that's like. Now I try to trim them to be the same size now. Help ... some. LOVE the colors and the blocks!
SAMS had watermelons last week, wondered if they would be good this early. Should have bought one.
If I would measure fabric twice before I cut it, I'd have a LOT fewer scraps to play with.

Lynn B said...

beautiful pineapple quilt! LOVE It. Would you share the EQ file?

Rosa said...

Your pieable blocks are absolutely fabulous.Love them!!

Melody said...

Your pineapple quilt certainly is awesome. I always love to see lovely little Sonja - she is getting so big and as cute as ever.

Sue Daurio said...

Oh boy those pineapple blocks are something. Love the motion in that quilt.

Janet O. said...

That pineapple design has me drooling. Love it!!
Sonja is such a sweetie pie!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Wow!! I absolutely LOVE these blue pineapples--wonderful!!