Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Did we miss Back to the future?


This post is all over the place (more about the title later)

I finished another ahhhh #19


And I got this package in the mail, I WON this from a blog hop

from Kristen! Thanks!!


The T shirt quilt is done too- just missing a label, here’s a sneak peek Smile


I finished quilting #2 quilt for Quilt Beyond borders

time to send them both back



I quilted wavy lines from top to bottom (I loaded it sideways, so on the frame I went side to side) SUPER easy and FAST to do and easy with the SLR on!


Yesterday I had the BROTHER going all day, I embroidered 10 monograms for a customer- her mom had embroidered the flower wreaths and now I machine embroidered these monograms from Pixie’s Rule

in all WHITE! they look AWESOME!

With around 8500 stitches each and about 15 min JUST embroidery time. (not including hooping and ironing)

I also think my embroidery machine is a GIRL.

I was embroidering something for the BIRDS blog hop next week and it kept messing up after I “fixed” it….. SHE sure was moody.

My husband told me to name it after I former neighbor who we both DIS-liked a lot! I said No.. then I’d never use the machine.

So still don’t know about a name, but it is a SHE and I think my Voyager is a GUY btw

(after a long conversation on the yahoo hinterberg group about names for our machines)


I know you need your daily Sonja pic Smile


This one is ALL me !! ha ha


and this chart shows WHY! housework is a tiny spot in the way BACK of the brain! Smile


So true!


Thought this one was funny too


And look! Did anyone see Marty McFly?

I was just talking about this movie with my kids the other day, but it’s not streaming on netflix.

(never did solve the gasoline problem or use trash as fuel! oh well)

-well sort of – in bio diesel right!?



Happy quilting!

(does anyone know how to have LIVE WRITER show an auto signature every time I open it?)


Michele said...

The embroidery is really pretty. Glad your Brother is a girl but boo hoo that your Voyager is a guy.

Madame Samm said...

ohhh your wee one is adorable...and embroidery is delightful

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I prefer to think of my machines as guys, much less drama! I'm just no good with drama. In high school, most of my friends were male because ... no drama! LOL Youre embroidery is beautiful.