Friday, May 17, 2013

Abbey Lane pin cushion from CT and more

Yesterday I finished the Abbey Lane pin cushion/ bag from CT.

I bought the kit here

Now I sewed the edge border down instead of gluing it and also sewed the hanging connector piece down, I also found a wooden button for the top of the pin cushion, then I used tacky glue to glue down the pin cushion to the base.



Here it is hanging in it’s proper place but wonder if SOMEONE will be able to pull it down? it’s pretty heavy as I filled it with crushed walnut shells.



No Mommy! I won’t pull it down….

(yeah right!!)


Now I was looking at my UFO list and figured I’d take pictures of the projects and maybe get inspired to work on them

#1 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needle turn applique, mommy giraffe almost done


I decided to needle turn applique these and it’s a long and slow process, ESPECIALLY when you don’t work on it!!

plus I accidentally reversed the pattern


See the baby is supposed to be on the left, but it’ll be on the right on mine- which is okay Smile


Here’s the pieces all prepped and ready


#2 pineapple black and blue quilt-

The quilt is GORGEOUS!! and I decided to do it in blues and black and white


some blocks are done


Here’s the pieces cut out and labeled.

I actually decided to tackle some of these today, don’t expect all to be done, but a little is better than nothing right?



#12- Hidden forest- applique- traced owl

Here’s the owl, I’ve shown the other animals before

I haven’t prepped any of the pieces for the owl though


Here’s Sonja checking out my UFO pile

Really my UFO list is not that big, I’ve crossed off quite a lot.

look at my list from yesterday

I’ve been working on the bubble gum quilt too.

so I think that’s just 4 things.



See! I need to fill these bins!!


And my finished TOP pile is not that big either

I have the fall leaf top

Christmas winter tree skirt

Spring block swap top

and scrappy trip around the world


Here’s some fun pics I saw online recently

Can’t remember who posted this one, but I thought it was NEAT.


and how’s THIS for decorating your sewing machine?


and this one is SO true!!



Do you have a BIG UFO pile?

Do you DARE say how many there are?


Needled Mom said...

I love your Abby bag. I wish that I hadn't sewn my bag to the pin cushion so it would be easier to remove and empty. Yours is at the perfect height for that sweet little munchkin.

wkruskie said...

I have about 4 UFO's my husband keeps telling me I need to finish them before I think about anything else. I said all quilter's have UFO's so nahhhhh :P

Cyn said...

Really?? lol. I have absolutely NO idea how many UFOs I have laying around here. I'm sure the numbers are TNTC!
Love how your Abbey project turned out. My Friendship Group was just working on these last Tuesday. Small world.