Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday another use for EQ planning a room

 Here's a different use for EQ7 - planning a room layout!

I woke up Wednesday morning with the idea that I REALLY wanted to move my studio into the bonus room next door- my room was a "bonus" room off of the bonus room.

Anyways I started measuring the room(s) both OLD and new
Then I measured my table, long arm, iron, shelf unit etc. 
I also marked on the drawing where the doors and windows were.

Back to EQ, start a new quilt and have it be CUSTOM SET
I then looked my measurements and have 10" be 1" in EQ (easy to move the comma right? plus I'm still used to metric from Denmark)
So my new room measures 242.5" x 215"
so in EQ I created a "room" quilt that was 24.25" x 21.5"

If you draw a plain block under blocks and add to sketchbook, that's all you need for now, don't worry about color or measurements

I worked on layer 2
Drag out a rectangle

Maybe do a 2nd one and recolor it, again the measurements we'll change later

(picasa won't show this other pic) BUT
at the top in the middle you can change the size of the rectangles by clicking on them with the 2nd arrow from the tool bar on the right.

Add all your other "boxes" and make them the right sizes and recolor if needed
You can also CENTER the blocks up against the wall and rotate with the tools above

If you don't have the "set applique text" button on the right, click the small arrow below the tools on the right and ADD BUTTONS and lots of fun buttons show up (maybe there's more you'd like to add!?)

click the "set applique Text" button and click on the quilt, you'll have the option to change the font size and type, I didn't bother with it this time. So I wrote DESK, then selected it and at the top rotated it 90 degrees and dragged it on top of my desk rectangle and resized by dragging the corners to fit within the desk.

Repeat with remaining items like this :-)

room layout2

Here's I did a copy of my OLD room too.
the large brown rectangles at the top and bottom are built in cubbies and because I had slanted walls in that room I added them a little bit, even though I didn't include them in the room measurements.

Room now 

Here's the old room again

And the new room- still needs quilts on the walls! but I did DO that this weekend :-)


Anonymous said...

That's a great way to use EQ, I'll keep it in mind for when I'll have a "bonus" room. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem likely to happen very soon, but you never know...

Mommarock said...

I am loving that ironing board! I have been washing my cover over and over again, dreaming of a new board. I don't have a long arm, and still my room(s) look much more over crowded and messy compared to yours. Time for a touch up.

Patricia said...

The room looks great. I would like for mine to be that neat. It was a good idea to move to the larger space I know you will enjoy it!

Carol said...

What type of longarm do you have? Love the new room!!

Madame Samm said...

question for you Bea....you did a post tutorial for sew we quilt...all the pics are gone..did you know that?


I have had quite a few comments on it???

Cyn said...

Great idea, Bea! Love what you did. Thanks for a great tute!
I am *in envy* of your ironing setup... just may have to try improvising something similar.

Marian said...

What a way cool idea. Love that new room to, although the old room was cool to. I'd probably use it to store my fabric. LOL

Carla said...

Looking good
Isn't it fun to create a room in EQ and it works when you go to put the room together.