Saturday, April 20, 2013

New fabrics but what to make

I got lots of new fabrics on Friday! and as always I was and iron them as soon as possible, this filled up a whole laundry bin!


Here’s some yummy Jason Yenter “atlantis” fabrics

These were pre-ordered from hillbilly handiworks and now that I finally got the fabrics, I forgot what I had planned on making!


I think I had planned on making this OHIO star one

ohio star atlantis

but then of course I played some more in EQ

How about this one with flying geese

flying geese atlantis

Or this simple one with stars and larger nine patch blocks?

what do you think?

happy bugs atlantis3


Okay back to the new fabrics

“dilly day” from paintbrush studio


rendezvous from anthology

cool red and white


and these “verona” fabrics I got maybe 2yds of each and maybe 3 of the grey



here’s some EQ sketch ideas too

a fantrick layout

fantrick veronafantrick verona2

a log cabin

log cabin verona

nine patch block with a label in the middle

ninepatch label verona

Can’t remember what I called this one

photo verona

and X’s and +s

I don’t know…. they are very matchy matchy fabrics, so either add something else like a cream or make clothing?

x and plus verona

Here’s the rest non-matching fabrics

the owls I won on auction, called swedish owls.


Now here’s one idea, a quilted jacket pattern I bought at the last quilt show I went to


Or this cute dress pattern I bought online, though I’ve postponed making myself a dress since Sonja still needs easy access to eat Smile


Here’s the fabrics in matching piles, I know the “atlantis” fabrics will turn into a quilt! the rest could be used for clothing for me or my kids (at least my girls)


Here’s some patterns I’ve had for a long time


hard to decide!

here’s some funnies from FB and other places


(that’s me right now!)


Isn’t this a cute chess set/quilt?


and this one! ha ha


Can’t remember if I showed these or not


The kick can go both ways! AND also with older kids.




are you A or B?



I think I used to buy a quilt pattern and THEN buy the fabrics, now I’ve switched…. I don’t know if it’s easier or harder, what do you think?


Oh, I forgot some videos I uploaded

Long arm quilting feathers


long arm quilting skyscrapers on border


Peanut eating a loaf of bread


Tonya Owens said...

I actually try to have a plan for all that i save back but then I change my mind and I never know what to do!

Carla said...

That's a lot of new fabric! Enjoy

Quiltingranny said...

Hi Bea! If you are Bea Lee with won the buttons on my giveaway, however the Email I sent it to returns. Please let me know correct Email if this is you!

Michele said...

That is some pile of new goodies. I'm sure you are well on your way to deciding what to do with them.