Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EQ Tutorial Tuesday quilt label with EQStitch

This weeks tutorial includes EQ Stitch!

(You HAVE to have EQ Stitch installed)

Remember how I had a Quilt along earlier this month here

whole mussie quilt along

Here’s a way to make a label using the appliqued flower block from the center of the quilt.

You can use this method to copy over any appliqued part from a quilt you’ve made in EQ7 Smile

I opened up the flower block

Fullscreen capture 4152013 35614 PM

Then copied just one of the flowers without the stem

Fullscreen capture 4152013 35627 PM


(I wanted to show my DEFAULT hoop setting first BEFORE copy and pasting the artwork)

Under “stitching” at the top select Drawing board and hoop setup


You’ll first get to select the hoop size and file format, I have a Brother and picked a 5x7” hoop (130x180mm)


One section I like to change is the embroidery edge setting and I often pick NO edge, especially for text, I don’t worry about everything else right now.

These settings are setup BEFORE you start a project, otherwise you’d have to start over if you want it affect everything, often it IS easier to re-do this rather than clicking every single letter to remove the edge stitching


Then clicking the EMBROIDERY button and making a new Embroidery (not applique) copy over the flower into the block


Fullscreen capture 4152013 35751 PM

Using the TEXT tool drag a box below the flower

Fullscreen capture 4152013 35828 PM

and start typing your text

Fullscreen capture 4152013 35904 PM

After you typed your text you can select the font and it will change the text while you scroll down with the arrow buttons.

Fullscreen capture 4152013 35915 PM

EQ Stitch works with ANY true type font you have installed on your computer. I like to download fonts from dafont

Here’s one called Comic

and you can center it if you want too

Fullscreen capture 4152013 40005 PM

Then pick your TEXT box and use the convert to patch button


And you’ll get an outline of the text

Fullscreen capture 4152013 40021 PM

(I decided to go back and tilt the flower 30 degrees BTW)

Fullscreen capture 4152013 40125 PM

When you are happy with your artwork, go to the STITCH tab and by default everything has the same fill stitch.

(I changed the default on my HOOP settings before starting the artwork- like above- to no edge stitching)

Then color the text any color you want, I did all black here

Fullscreen capture 4152013 40304 PM

You can color the flower too just so it’s easier to see

Now click the green butterfly button on the right – set fill stitch

pick whatever fill stitch you like and color the petals one at a time


After changing the fill stitch also change the angle of the stitch, it works just like a circle with 360 degrees


don’t forget the yellow circle too


I went back and added a run stitch on the flower parts


It looks great with a darker colored outline


when you are happy with your design

click the small sewing machine on the right


You can click the play button and see it stitched out on your screen

You can also change your background color

(the color you have your fabric in the hoop)



now click Stitching and export stitching file and save on your computer


Stitch out your design and have fun!

Here’s a label I made for the quilt by trimming the fabric, then stitching fusible interfacing, with the fusible side toward the stitched front 1/4” all the way around, the carefully cutting an X in the interfacing, turning it inside out and ironing the label to the back of the quilt before hand sewing it down.



gtcoursey said...

Thanks for the lesson. I just got EQ Stitch and am enjoying learning what all it can do.

SewCalGal said...

Very cute quilt label Bea and great EQStitch tutorial too!


Cyn said...

Nice tute, Bea. Thank you for explaining it so well. I didn't get EQ Stitch when it first came out... I think I'm beginning to regret that. lol.

Bonnie said...

This is exactly what I've wanted to do. Thanks for a good basic tutorial. I need to spend some time learning Stitch. I want to be able to stitch labels for my quilts. Like the hint to use iron on as the backing of the label. Thanks.