Tuesday, April 9, 2013

EQ Appliqued Animals Blog Hop Schedule

chick block2
Here is the Schedule for the EQ Appliqued Animals Blog Hop
With these fun sub-categories
Summer Animals
Critters and Bugs
Summer “Stuff”

Monday April 22nd
Seamstobesew (Summer Animal)
Freemotionbytheriver (Critters and Bugs)
Sewincrediblycrazy (Critters and Bugs)
Beaquilter (Summer Stuff)

Tuesday April 23rd
Kissedquilts (Summer Animals)
Seamstobesew (Critters and Bugs)
Funthreads (Summer Stuff)

Wednesday April 24th
Funthreads (Summer Animals)
Patchworkbreeze (Critters and Bugs)
Beaquilter (Critters and Bugs)
Sewincrediblycrazy (Summer Stuff)

Thursday April 25th
Beaquilter (Summer Animals)
Janesquilting (Critters and Bugs)
Seamstobesew (Summer Stuff)

Friday April 26th
SewCalGal (Critters and Bugs)

Thank you to Electric Quilt for having these awesome Design CDs as giveaways!
(Please link to the CD you are giving away)
-You’ll find out which CD you’re getting later this week.

When you do your post, please have it LIVE by midnight 12am.
also copy the list for the other bloggers in this great hop!
AND turn off word verification.

Try to post as much step by step as you can so other bloggers/readers can copy what you did in their own way if possible.
(more pictures the better)
Also if you can/want provide a PDF for them to download.

Some great sites I found are a free PDF merger site
And if you have a Gmail account (I’m sure others do it too)
You can free STORAGE you can use there and link to.
If you have any questions or corrections, feel free to email me.
(that’s the chick on the picture saying HAVE FUN!)


Carol said...

You can host a PDF on google docs for free. I use foxyutils for merging PDF pages. It's free and easy to use.

Schedule looks great!

SewCalGal said...

All sounds good to me.

I also use Google docs and a free program called Cute PDF that makes it easy to create PDFs, but as I also have the PrintFriendly widget on my blog, making it easy for anyone to print out a blog post vs entire page, that typically works as well too (it would just pick up the giveaway part of the post vs just tutorial).


JanesQuilting said...

Schedule looks good to me. I am all ready, got lots of pictures, etc. (I am still trying to figure out how to make PDF files.)

Nancy said...

Schedule looks good. Can't wait.