Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easy Street is done

some of you asked for Sonja’s pics up front Smile
She’s SO close to crawling now, she’s sort of doing the commando crawl, so she crawled over to Peanut!
He gave her a look of “oh no, not the baby”
sighed the stood up and walked away
Here’s the small tumbler quilt top I finished, it turned out to be very close to square, I think it’s 40 x 41 or close to that. Don’t have a backing yet, not sure if I’ll do yellow, black or white. hmm
The one for McCall’s with these fabrics (No it wasn’t a tumbler!) used a yellow backing.
I might have enough of a solid yellow because I put some fabrics back from my UFO pile yesterday, but I really want to save solids for the quilt tops as I rarely have many…..Uhhh I think I have 1yd of a yellow and black paisley I bought online, not really PRETTY but for backing it would be fun I think! wonder if I can made it a square in the back….??
Here’s the Women of the Bible BOW- RIZPAH!
never heard of her before!
her two sons got killed and never had a proper burial so she had a vigil by their bodies for a month and mourned there.
Here’s the original block from EQ and with the CT fabrics already.
See the Y seams? ugh! I don’t like Y-seams
So I went in and changed the blocks into 8 triangular sections and printed out foundation pieces for it- even though it was 16 pieces then, it turned out nice
Here’s a screenshot of what it looked like before printing

Over the weekend I got a box with two quilts to long arm quilt from “quilts beyond borders”
Carla is also on my hinterberg yahoo group so once in a while she asks if people want to help, it had been a while since I did something for them.
Pretty cool to see quilts go to Ethiopia! I never knew they needed it there?! did you?
I just quilted some allover leaves, quick and easy Smile
and TADA!! Easy Street is done! 100% done and one our bed!!
I LOVE it!!
And here’s the label I designed in EQ Sttich!
again the houses at the bottom are fonts from dafont and they spell out “easy street”

here's the font
I quilted feathers on the outer border with an echo around, I also for once drew out the spine and measured everything! the bends of the feathers match up with the green triangles!
I quilted bubbles/pebbles on the teal border, and loopy pointy swirl all over the center of the quilt
Now call me NUTS (again! didn’t I just say that yesterday?)
Well Electric quilt has monthly challenges here
This month’s challenge was to create a 2 colored quilt
here’s what I sent in (plus another one)
I love the look of NY Beauties but never tried one, so WHY not try it??
so I printed out the foundation papers yesterday and found my scrap bins of blues and yellows
Cut Squares to fit and went to work!
I like it!! (do think that the block is not square, may have to re-cut the last light blue one)
I’m hooked! (why do I do this to myself??)
My husband came home with a box of THESE yesterday from costco, was supposed to be for magazines
But NO! don’t you think they look much better here?
(kind of a shame to use it for scrap fabrics?! but actually I do treasure my scrap fabrics MORE than magazines, so…..I need another set though!)
Now I’m “thinking” about my fabrics, I have them stacked to NEATLY here on the shelves on the left, BUT in the mornings the sun comes in and if I didn’t draw the curtains the night before, I’m afraid the sun might/WILL fade the fabrics
See?! don’t they look all PURDY right here?
My one option could be to swap them over on this “scrappy” shelf, but really I only have 2 empty shelves, AND the shelf unit is skinnier than the other shelves, I’d have to move my GO! cutter below as well, but I “could” use all 4 shelves, even the bottom one because I don’t think Peanut or Sonja really gets over there, the long arm is in the way!
Gosh I don’t know!
The new red boxes have the same “footprint” as the priority boxes and now all my BLUES fit IN the box!
I also moved my ribbons into my room above my ironing board Smile
(sorry for bragging)
told you I would use this quilt as a bulletin board.
Here's an update on my 2013 list
#1 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needle turn applique, mommy giraffe almost done
#2 pineapple black and blue quilt- giving these a break now
#3 Bonnie Hunter ORCA mystery - DONE!
#4 green, red, yellow flower quilt- TOSSED!
#5 spring swap blocks- Quilt top DONE!
# 6 Making memories embroidered panel- pillow done!
#7 fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt
#8 bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show - top done adding vine on border
#9 won 9 march BOM -dotted flowers -DONE!
#10 MMMR -DONE!!
#11- drunkard's path- DONE!
#12- Hidden forest- applique- traced owl
#13 pin cushion swap - mailed
#14 geese in a ring- top DONE!
#15 Christmas tree skirt- top done
#16 hexie flowers- 47 done I think
#17 women of the bible quilt blocks- block #24 done
#18 Boxes!- Put the fabrics on the shelf for something else
#19 McCall's #5 diamond in squares - DONE! & mailed
#20- roman holiday- kit
#21 Benartex floral quilt- DONE!
#22 Valentine's Round Robin- Top here ready to quilt
#23 Woven Stars for CT - DONE!
#24 Quilt it today #2- red, white and blue quilt-DONE! mailed
#25- easy street- DONE!
#26 McCall's #6 flower star- DONE!
#27 McCall's #7- mellow yellow- DONE and mailed
#28- Book quilt- may use Nancy Drew
#29 and 30(December) twin boy quilts -spider web quilt done maybe use Quilt it today Thomas quilt?
#31 "birds"(Jan), #3 quilt it today- DONE
#32 winding reds(Jan) #4 quilt it today- Done and ready to mail
#33- (feb)CT botanical fabrics- DONE!
#34 MMRR2- april is DONE!
#35 (feb) T-shirt quilt planned- a few shirts cut up
#36 (feb) floral quilt along- DONE!
#37(feb) Nancy drew blog hop quilt- done!
# 38 (March) stuffed owl- Owlivia DONE!
#39(March) - 2 girl skirts- done!
#40(Jan) Ahhhh's- working on 15
#41 (April)- scrappy trip around the world- sewing strips together
#42 (April)- mellow yellow tumblers- sewing rows together
#43 (April) X and + quilt- future quilt?
#44 (April) – NY beauties


Teresa in Music City said...

Fun stuff going on in your studio!!! Love the feathers on your Easy Street - and the label!!!! I'm really trying to resist the X and + quilt, but it's hard, they are such great scrap quilts!

Needled Mom said...

You are having fun with the new machine!!! The gray looks great with Easy Street.

Janet O. said...

Easy Street border quilting is beautiful! I need to work on that kind of feather (all feathers, actually).
Congrats on being accepted to the artists guild.

Amanda said...

I think you should call it The BeaCave. Or, since it isn't really a cave, The BeaCastle.

Melody said...

Wow heaps going on at your place. Hugs to sweet little Sonja

Anonymous said...

Great practice on your new machine! Sonja is so cute, you should lead with her pics. =)

Michele said...

Lots of interesting little bits here. The pizza looks yummy, but definitely not for breakfast.

Nancy said...

You are a busy lady! I see a new idea and file it in a binder of things I want to try. I like your list where you cross off what gets done! And I would most definitely keep the scraps in those lovely storage crates.

Lynn B said...

Love the houses font. What's the name of the font?

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

tillykke Bea, din Easy Street er så-å-å smuk!
Lækkert arbejdsværelse, skønt!