Thursday, April 4, 2013

Customer Quilts and free pattern

I finished another 2 customer quilts
This one is another D9P quilt and I did the same pointy swirl all over it
This Noah’s ark quilt is for our guild, so I quilted that for free ( I used to get a few tops from them but kept forgetting whenever I’d go to a meeting, so this was a good way to get one of them)
My customer/friend also wanted some WHITE embroidery done.
SewCalGal and I were emailing about my new machine and she sent me a link to Pixies Rule and WOW!! everything is $1…. and they are GREAT designs. I only bought 3, but I’ll be back!!

One alphabet I bought was this rose one.
It’s very pretty! my customer/friend wanted it all white, so I did a TEST last night and look how cool!?
(I did the letter “L” for Lee so I can use it later for SOMETHING)
I also made these today for a round robin….
And Sonja is having fun chewing on her shoe!! silly girl Smile
I finished up a mini quilt for Quilt it today, that I just need to sew the binding on, I have maybe 6 tops hanging to be quilted. and a bunch of UFOs… what should I do next?

Oh oops I forgot the FREE pattern.
I designed this for Connecting threads
look here a cute mug rug made from scraps!



Michele said...

Nice quilting. Soon I'll be able to try some of that myself. You need to feed that child so she doesn't eat her shoe. LOL

Anonymous said...

Your quilts look wonderful. Thanks for the Pixie site, I passed it along. It almost makes me wish I had an embroidery machine, just for the bunnies that were so cute! The little mug rug is great, too! I don't think Sonja is hungry, just experiencing the world in her oral stage. LOL