Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday- hexagons!

Tutorial Tuesday!
Hexagons (Ahhhh's)

If you follow my blog, you'll know my latest quilting obsession : Ahhhh's

So this is for you Tonya! :-)
(someone in the group sent us both the beginning ahhhh blocks in EQ, but as a simple block, so I went a little further)

Tonya has been designing these neat hexagon and sells them on her blog and FB group
So of course I wanted to put them into EQ!

Hexagons are NOT easy, so I'm showing 3 different ways to get these Ahhhh's into EQ

1. the HARD way (to be able to color with your own fabrics)

First I downloaded the Ahhhh sketches.
Changed the sizes to 6" wide
( I looked online and also measured my finished Ahhhh's and they measure 6" x 5.25") kind of odd, but that's how it is

I then opened up a new block/ Patchdraw motif

and under TRACING image tab, I imported the file I wanted to trace, here it's the first Ahhhh,the pointing star

Now with the LINE tool in the applique TAB I went around one hexagon shape

Then copied and pasted the hexagon 6 times and placed in the right spots
 I traced the triangles and copied it 3 times
  copied another time and flipped it and copied 3 times total

The same with the diamond

I did the same with "conference call"

One trick too is to distort to fit

Again tracing the trapezoid the same way

copying and pasting all 6 times and turning it 60 degree increments too!

 Doing it this HARD way I can now color each segment the way I want
(I didn't care that they are not 100% perfect, the real templates ARE, this is just for coloring)

Now ADD these to sketchbook

I have the QUILT as a CUSTOM set
Now on layer 1 while holding down SHIFT click and drag, then select the block and change the size to 6" x 5.25
now you can copy and paste it and will up the quilt, nice and tight!
 Like this (well I didn't fill out the whole thing, but you get the idea!)

#2 way : Creating "square" blocks
This is an easier way if you want to create the blocks to color with fabrics but don't have to see the finished quilt as hexagon shapes

Create new Patchdraw block 6" x 5.25"
Import the image again to trace

In easydraw, trace all the lines, have the snap lines and grid lines a high number like 48 or higher
It may be hard to see on this picture that the lines are all traced. But this way you can color all the blocks anyway you want

Then create a new quilt and have the blocks be 6" x 5.25"

So if you just want to do these blocks and don't need to plan the layout directly in EQ, it would a good method :-)

#3 "cheater" method with completed Ahhhh's
You know I've made lots of Ahhhh's and I've taken pictures of them all
I imported those into photoshop and cropped them down close to the edges and changed the width to 6" like this picture

Then created a NEW quilt ONEPATCH and made it hexagons (H) with a side of 3"

Then imported my ahhhh pictures as FABRIC

Now I couldn't really tell which kind is which, because it only shows a corner of the picture as a preview and since it's 6" wide, all I see is my design wall

But they are EASY to pick and add into the quilt!
you may need the fussy cut tool to center the blocks a bit

I do also have the ahhhh's colored with plain colors from photoshop

In the same way You can import those as fabric as long as the size is 6" wide 
(it should be 5.25" tall then)

So what do you think? which method would you use?


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Não sei...Uso meus moldes de acetato e depois vou para o papel,tenho alguns esquemas de acordo com o tamanho das colchas encomendadas. Escolho o modelo e faço uma "carreira de comprimento e uma da largura,e vou preechendo,por último vou fazendo as metade e ou aplicação em um fundo.
Mas continuo economizando calcinhas(cuecas)kkkk.
Gostaria de saber se eu posso usar algum tradutor para essa maravilha?...Deus te Abençoe.

Rosa said...


Carol Swift said...

I have not braved making a hexie, but I enjoy seeing what others do. :O)

SewCalGal said...

Excellent tutorial Bea.
I definitely want to go thru this exercise and play with it. Inspirational.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this wonderful tutorial Bea! I'll be playing with this exercise!

Dayquilt said...

In your 3rd version, with the photos, if you put a stickynote by the top left corner of your Ahh when taking a photo (or add text in Photoshop) then you would have a way of identifying your blocks in the palette.
I really need to start learning how to play with my EQ, it looks like so much fun!

Jen said...

Gosh, I'm so glad I only shared a few blocks and not my whole file!

Pollyanna Patchwork said...

I didn't know any if these techniques for EQ - thank you for sharing. I've been looking into this lately as I've started designing my own hexadoodle quilt patterns - there is a great lesson in one of the companion books for EQ for hexagons. Usually though I find it quicker to baste hexies for real and lay them out than try to get my head around EQ...Happy Stitching!

Andy said...

Thank you for this tutorial! It drives me crazy to have an idea in my head and not be able to translate it into EQ7 properly. You've saved me hours of headache!